Meet the newest member of our family!!

For my daughter’s 7th birthday her awesome Uncle gave us a parakeet.  Her name is Sunny and she is such a pretty bird!!  We have all fallen in love!!

In honor of Sunny, I am posting some of my favorite bird crafts from blog land.  Enjoy!!
Carrie @ Rhubarb Sky made a cute birds nest necklace.  Check it out here.
These Magnetic crocheted love birds are so adorable!!  Click here for the tutorial from instrucables user scoochmaroo.
You can get this Instant Art Printable from the Graphics Fairy here.
Kristi @ Addicted to Decorating {one of my all time favorite blogs} has a bird wall mural in her kitchen.  You can find out how she did it here.
There are such great bird crafts all over blog land.  These are just a few of the awesome inspiration out there.  It has been such an unexpected pleasure having Sunny in our home so if you are looking for “the best present ever” you migh consider a parakeet.  We love her!!



  1. Beautiful blog! I love the background you've created. Thanks for stopping by my blog and becoming a follower. I am following you too!

  2. A Scrap of Time says:

    Thanks for following my blog! I'm now following you too, and liking on FB! I can't wait to read through your posts. =o)

  3. Aww that is a beautiful bird, and I loved all your bird things! That cute little nest necklace is fab!

  4. music notes says:

    Sunny is a beautiful bird!

  5. OK, I absolutely LOVE budgies, you can totally teach them to talk. My bird, "Bird" was able to say over 20 different words. Seriously. They are great! I am following and hope you can follow back!

  6. lisbonlioness says:

    Sunny is really gorgeous! What a wonderful addition to your bunch. I have heard that budgies are even happier and more talkative if they have at least one mate and loads of room to move about, so you might even consider to expand your happy family some more! :)

  7. Awww, what a cutie! I love parakeets.. I am considering getting a couple for my kids.

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