Birthday cake to the Extreme!!

We have two birthdays in March.  Since the kiddos are still young, I usually do a combined birthday party for the both of them.  This year the weather was finally kind of looking nice, so we decided to do a BBQ in the backyard.  My kids have been so cooped up and all they want to do is get outside and run around.  Also, this way we could invite all the Grammas, Grampas, Nanas, Papas, and family along with the friends and get it done in one big shabang!! {It was pretty chaotic sorry everyone but it was so much fun for the birthday girls}

I usually go all out and do a big, fancy Birthday cake but this year I found this post {check out her first picture, when I showed it to my 7 yr. old she said looks good, is that spaghetti on top?} and decided to do this instead:


It couldn’t have been a more perfect find.  One day I was shopping with my youngest and she kept pointing and calling for something.  Finally I figured out that she saw the display of Strawberries and wanted them.  Ok, that’s a pretty healthy snack.  So I got a small package for her.  Man she held on to those with all she had.  She cried so hard when we had to give them to the cashier but giggled with delight when she got them back.  When we got home as we were unloading she tripped and fell.  Her face was dripping with tears.  The kind that make your heart break in two.  I rushed to help her up and found out she was not crying because she was hurt, she was so absolutely broken up because she spilled her Strawberries.


So when I saw this recipe, I knew I had a winner.  Even though it wasn’t a princess cake or even the most youthful, I knew it was perfect.  I have to tell you, I have made Mickey Mouse cakes, Strawberry Short cakes, Princess carriages, Winnie the Poohs, Tinkerbell cakes, and many more:


{I can’t believe I don’t have pictures of them all}

This year I was planning on doing a 3 tiered fondant covered beautiful, pain in the neck, cake.  But this has been the easiest and yummiest cake of all.  It also got the most compliments and yummy noises.  In fact, my sister who is a model and a very healthy girl, had 2 pieces. 

So I am thinking of going in a different less stressful direction and looking for yummy cakes over the more elaborate decorated ones.  What do you think? 

P.s. this cake is the moistest, fudgiest cake I have ever had.  It also has Strawberries throughout the entire cake.  When I make it again I think I will double the amount of strawberries called for.  This is definitely a keeper!!


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  1. Kristen says:

    That strawberry cake looks divine!

    Thanks for following and I am now following you back :)

    Have a great Friday!

  2. Sandy Elliott says:

    Yummy-looking cake! Thanks for following me, looks like you have lots of articles for me to check out! Meanwhile, I'm following you back. Have a great day. :)

  3. Are You A Mom says:

    That cakes looks amazing! I am going to have to make one soon! I am your newest follower…Please stop by and say hi

  4. This cake looks absolutely delicious!!! You're lucky you only have 2 bday's in March (lol) between March and April my hubby and I have 7 bday's to celebrate. Busy months. Wanted to thank you for swinging by 2 Against 1 and linking up to the TGIF blog hop (Friday). Hope to see you again next week! Following back now.

  5. Alicia @ littlesprinklesoffun says:

    Looks so yummy! Check out my post about the awesome blog header you made for me!

  6. Wow Connie, you have a talent for cake decorating! Those look fabulous!

  7. Marlene Braly says:

    I guess there wouldn’t be anyway you can email your recipe cause i have a 14 yr old boy his birthday is coming up and i know he would love this cake PLEASE

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