Thankful Thursday

Today I am SUPER thankful for my sister!!  She is always there to support me.  Do any of you have a sister like that?  Someone you can call up and they say ok what can I do to help you?  You need this, oh sure no problem.  Well I have 3 sisters like that.  {that’s right I’m 3xs lucky}  But today I want to tell you about my sister Angie. 


Isn’t she gorgeous?  She is a very creative person and such an artist!!  She does Modeling, painting, graphic design and she’s a total computer nerd {it’s a good thing}  She is always willing to draw or paint or run around with my girls.  They think they are SO special because their Aunt Angie plays with them.  And when she draws with them she always has the best stuff {paper you can wash and reuse how cool is that?!} 

She has started a blog with all her art work on it.  It can be found here:

Art by Anji

Here are some of my favorite paintings done by her:

222897_10150175062497259_551167258_6724242_1741915_n  2010-04-25_15-45-12_0002



It would make me so so happy if you guys would go check out her art blog and become a follower.  She is such a great artist!!

Here are some of my favorite Modeling photos of her:

1002207937_m  4cb54151d1655_m

 183456_135436173190787_122236341177437_195420_874648_n    164755_129795213754883_122236341177437_166124_8241989_n

I have been so blessed to have such AMAZING family!!  Angie I love you and thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do for me!!!!! 

What are you thankful for this Thursday??

Oh and Don’t forget to go check out Art by Anji and become a follower.  You won’t regret it!!



  1. She is truly adorable, and you are truly blessed to have wonderful sisters.

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