June’s Book Club Meeting

Hope everyone is enjoying their summers.  I thought summer would never get here as it kept raining.  But it came on with a vengeance.  Time to get out the sprinklers and pools and swimsuits!!  Then mommie can sit outside and read while the kiddos splash around!!

Ok here was our selection for June:


Princess Academy

by Shannon Hale

I met a super cute blogger Annie earlier this week and she told me her mother is working with the author to compose a musical score for this book.  They are making a Princess Academy Musical.  How fun!!

Ok here is my review:

I liked this book a lot.  It didn’t give me any deep, moving revelations, but it was a great easy read.  I could relate with the citizens of Mt. Eskel especially Miri.  I would have been one of the first ones working in the mine, but I think everyone can relate to feeling left out.  I was so happy for everyone when she figured out how scammed they had been in trading with the lowlanders.  I was torn between wanting Miri to become the princess {come on who doesn’t want to be a princess} and staying with Peder.  I do think the ending was a bit too convenient with the big revelation that Britta was fooling everyone and really in love with the prince.  And that he wanted to marry her too.  But overall it was a great read.

Now I want to hear what you thought of this book.  I’m super excited to remind you all about our awesome sponsor for this month JMP Designs!!  And here is what your comments could win you:


Upcycled Statement Necklace

So to enter the giveaway you need to be a follower.  Then simply comment on the book.  Leave your review, ask a question you had while reading, answer someone’s question, basically discuss the book.  There are no limits to the amount of entries you can have just make sure you are discussing Princess Academy.

Here are some discussion questions for you:

  1. As you read the book, were there times you wished for Miri to be chosen as princess? And times when you hoped she would not be chosen?
  2. What qualities does Miri have that helped her to make friendships with the other girls, even the more difficult ones like Katar?
  3. What did you think of “quarry-speaking?” If you had the same ability, how would you use it?
  4. What was the most exciting portion of the book? What made it so exciting?
  5. The girls disliked and feared her, but was there anything about Olana that made her a good choice to be their tutor?
  6. Who seems like a better match for Miri: Prince Steffan or Peder? In what ways?
  7. How did Miri’s visit to Asland change the way she thought of her Mount Eskel home?
  8. Discuss some of the ways Kiri’s relationships with the rest of her family are especially important to her story.
  9. How did the lessons in diplomacy, conversation, and courtesy help Miri and the other academy members?
  10. In what ways is Miri similar to the miri flower which inspired her name?

I can’t wait to hear what you thought.  Good luck on the giveaway.  It will end June 30th at midnight and the winner will be announced July 1st.



  1. I like to keep up with kid lit and will add this one to my list to suggest to others or give as a gift. I think it will appeal to a wide age range and would also be great for a read aloud.

    I was pleased that Miri was depicted as being confused about what she wanted–the prince or the childhood friend, the grand things or the simple village life. How great for kids to see that it's okay to have mixed feelings.

    I also appreciated the view of learning as work, and sometimes hard work, that pays off.

    There were a few things that I would have liked fleshed out more clearly but, all in all, it's meant to appeal basically to young people. That I think it does well.

  2. Connie @ Measured by the Heart says:

    Baye-I absolutely agree with you, but that is not something I had considered. I think this book would be great for read aloud with my girls. I think they would love the story line {princesses and all} but there are a lot of life lessons I could reinforce through reading. The value of working to an education, the value of family and community, befriending those in need and not judging etc. Thanks for the great idea!!

  3. BluBabesCreate says:

    I like the colors in your upstyled statement necklace!

  4. Alicia @ littlesprinklesoffun says:

    I agree lots of teaching points for kids in this book!

    I really did not see the Britta/Prince situation coming! Really..I should have figured that one out! :) I was really kind of disappointed that the book built and built and then for what reason…to find out that the Prince would have chosen Britta no matter what and that he only came to Mt. Eskel in search of her. Kind of a a let down.

    I do think that the girls in the academy learned lots of valuable lessons. I was happy that Miri could carry those lessons back to her community!

    By the end of the book I was glad that Miri and Peder were together.

    Overall, a great read for kids! I would love to hear kids talk about this book and see what their thoughts are. :)

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