Quirky Tip of the Day~removing sticky finisher

So I love using wood stain and finisher, But I absolutely hate what it does to my hands.  That stuff can be very sticky.  And it won’t come off with soap and water or stronger cleaner.  Believe me!!

So what do you do when you just finished a project and your hands look like this:

how to clean varnish from hands

{Yes that is my rings still on my finger underneath the gooey mess.  It may not look like it but that stuff is sticky!!}

Go to your pantry and pull out…drum roll please…


Good ol heavy duty cooking oil.

Can you tell I grabbed this bottle with my dirty hands?  That’s right nothing but the best for my blog hehe.

But seriously this stuff works like you wouldn’t believe.  Rub the oil over your hands.  It will still look all dark and yucky and you may think it isn’t working.  But it is.  Trust me.  You now need soap and water to remove the oil.  And once you wash off the oil all the sticky yucky mess goes with it and you are left with:


Clean hands!!

{yes that is the same hand.  You can tell because of the rings and also the yucky stain mess I just washed off is still in the bottom of the sink.  That’s right I took the picture before cleaning the sink.  Just keeping it real.}

This really works folks.  Try it you might buy it.



  1. That is awesome! I am always fighting with that stuff. I wonder if the oil will work on my rug, where I spilled a little stain? Doesn't hurt to try.

  2. Mother Made says:

    Thanks for the tip, I had gold paint on my hands for 3 days because nothing would take it off, will try this in the future

  3. Happened upon your blog because I was looking for a way to get my sticky stained hands clean-yes I was searching on the comp with my sticky hands-after trying just soap and water. I tried it and it worked! Thanks!

  4. Thank you very much! I tried cleaning my brush full of wood stainer and it got stuck all over my hands. I didn’t have goo gone or anything so it wasn’t looking good, but luckily I found your website. Worked like a charm!

  5. Thank you very much for the tip. I got wax all over my hands from my waxing machine. It was driving me crazy and I couldn’t find a thing that would take it off. Tried this and did the trick the first time. I am appreciative!


  1. Photo blocks says:

    […] Also the spray adhesive got all over my fingers and hands and didn’t wash off.  I used this trick to get rid of sticky finisher and it came off rather well.  But I also had over spray all over my table.  Yucky.  […]

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