Abc’s of Me

I have seen this in a few places around the web.  A Girl and a Glue Gun, C.r.a.f.t. and My world made by hand to name a few.  I just loved learning more about the women behind the blog.  So I decided to post my own Abc’s of Me.

{A}ge–31 and I cannot figure out how that happened.  I was driving with my family the other day and I turned to my Hubby and said,”we are the parents.  How did we get to be the parents?  Do you realize we are in charge here?”  I still feel like a little girl sometimes.

{B}ed Size–King

{C}hore I hate–scrubbing base boards.  I have fibromyalgia so the stooping and crawling bothers me.

{D}ogs–ok don’t judge.  But I am not a pet person.  Growing up my brother had bad asthma so we couldn’t keep pets.  My hubbs has promised the girls a dog when we move and I am ok with that.  I am open to learning to love pets.  But I do hate pet hair every where, bad breath and not being trained.  Anyone have any  good tips for me??

{E}ssential start to your day–Sleep.  With fibro, you don’t go into stage 4 sleep as easily {the restorative stage} so sleeping well is a HUGE part of managing this disease.  }I don’t mean to harp on this, I actually hate to bring it up.  I figure it is a part of my life I just have to deal with and whining about it won’t make anything better.}

{F}avorite Color–I am not a “favorite” person.  I like all colors for different reasons.  How can you not love the blue in this:


The solemn white of this:


Or the great black in the rocks here or green in the vegetation.



How to choose, how to choose??

{G}old or Silver–Again with the favorites.  Um I like silver jewelry mostly, oil rubbed bronze and iron in the house. 


{I}nstruments you play–flute, piano and organ but I so WISH I played the guitar!!

{J}ob Title–little Susie Homemaker

{K}ids–we are blessed to have three adorable girls who love each other.


{L}ive–Well we closed on our house the day I wrote this and we are in the process of moving in right now so I’m gonna say in transition to better things!!

{M}arried–I am lucky to be married for 11 wonderful years {going on eternity} to the man of my dreams!!


{N}ick names–My good friend from high school called me Connie Sue and the hubbs picked it up.  So now he calls me Connie Sue and my family can’t figure it out.  That’s not my middle name, I think it came from the Forgotten Carols.

{O}vernight Hospital Stays–3 births.  That’s it.

{P}et Peeve–when people treat others bad.  I HATE when people make disparaging jokes about their families.  I’m talking the mean ones here.  I also hate when they talk bad about their families.  I can take a joke and I understand some people kid but when you can hear a grain of truth behind their words, breaks my heart.

{Q}uote–since I’m not one for favorites {have I said that enough yet?}  Here are a few:

great relationship advice the help quote  So good!!

{source}                                   {source}                                      {source}

ABSOLUTELY!!!God has a plan. I just LOVE this one

{source}                               {source}                                   {source}

{R}ighty or lefty–Righty but I’ve always been jealous of lefties and tried to write with my left hand in elementary.  Didn’t work out so well.

{S}iblings–2 brothers 3 sisters 4 {soon to be 5} sis in law and 5 bro in law

{T}ime you wake up–depends if the kiddos are off track

{U}niversity attended–nada but I am a beauty school drop out {don’t judge}

{V}egetables you dislike–none.  Not kidding I love veggies.  Some of my favorites are brussel sprouts, cauliflower, green beans, corn on the cob,peas,okra….

My kids are also great veggie eaters too.  Here’s our secret.  My hubbs doesn’t really like veggies except corn and green beans.  But he doesn’t let them know.  When we have veggies at dinner he always takes some and says yummy and things like that.  The girls don’t know he isn’t eating them and since I LOVE them so much it has become a yummy part of dinner.  “laughter” even asked for brussel splats for her bday dinner.

{W}hat makes you run late–doing three girls hair

{x}rays you’ve had–oh who knows.  I was supposed to do a mri and I just couldn’t.  They even gave me an rx to calm me down and I just couldn’t get stuffed into that tube.  If you’ve never had one, they are not like on t.v.  They are dark and very very tight.  The one I was going in would have rubbed up on each side as I was squished in.  I’m kind of embarrassed about it.

{Y}ummy food–I like just about everything

{Z}oo animal favorite–Most all of them but I HATE the snakes and spiders!!!


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