Freezer paper stenciling

Hello all.  I’m back with another DIY Christmas present idea.  You can see all the other Homemade present ideas by clicking here.

Today I am going to show you freezer paper stenciling. 


We took this plain red shirt and put the Captain America symbol on it.  I got this idea from Cheryl @  I am momma hear me roar.  She has an awesome blog full of lots of boy tutorials if you want to go check it out.

Ok so first things first, you have to find what you want to put on your shirt.  We did several with symbols and sayings.  Here are a few other examples:

029  031 

Princess in training and Homework is Evil.  I apologize for the bad pics, my camera broke and then my laptop with photoshop on it needs a new motherboard.  Thankfully it is still under warranty but we have to ship it back and wait and wait.  And I didn’t iron the shirts.  Actually I never iron but I could have thrown it in the dryer  with a damp cloth.  Oh well too late now. 

Ok so enough of that on with the tutorial.  I’m showing you how to make the captain America shirt but you can apply these steps to whatever you want to stencil. 

After you decide what you want on the shirt you need to make the stencil.  You must use freezer paper for this.  Not wax paper.  Must be freezer paper.  You need a wax side and a non wax side.


You can print out your image or I have been known to just put my freezer paper up to the computer screen and trace it.  I like this idea because the screen is lit up and makes for good tracing.  {If I was doing a saying, I would just type it up in word and then trace it on the freezer paper.}  If you print it out, then you would trace it onto the freezer paper from there.  Remember everywhere you want to show up on the shirt needs to be cut out.  I used an exacto knife. 

When you are done, you will have this:


Now it’s time to get out your handy dandy iron.   {this is my mommas iron, yes I do own one.  But I hardly use it so it hasn’t been unpacked from the move yet.  Pathetic, I know.}


Making sure the freezer paper is wax side down, take your iron and iron it onto the shirt.  It will make it stick down like so:


It is now all stuck down and won’t let the paint bleed through.  For paint, you must must use fabric paint.  Look on the bottles at the craft store.  It will say for fabric.  Just dab a little on your brush and paint it on the shirt. 


You can use different colors like we did here if you want.  The next step is my favorite.  You peel up the freezer paper and pull it off.


This is the instant gratification step where you get to see what it looks like. 

When it’s all pulled off…Tada!!


We went back in later and filled in the star free hand.  Now you may think you are done.  But no…there is one last step.  You need to heat set the image.  After all the paint is dry, you just go over it again with your iron.  You can put down a towel and iron over the towel if you want, just make sure the shirt gets warm so it will heat set.  I did all of mine directly on the image.  If you do this, make sure it is completely dry first. 

And there you have it, one Captain America shirt!!


Thanks for reading!!



  1. Love this! My son would like this! He is always asking me when I am going to make
    something for him…boys are just harder to craft for!!
    Alicia recently posted..I am so slacking!My Profile

  2. Super cool Idea! I wouldn’t have thought to trace directly on the screen. . .brilliant! :)
    Stopping by from the weekend wrap up party.
    Robyn Rasmussen recently posted..Gingerbread Lane: The Fun!My Profile

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