How to make cookies on a stick

For my daughter’s Baptism, we did a dessert table.

It came out pretty cute.  My Gramma {that I adore} has some health problems and couldn’t make it to the Baptism.  So she called up and invited us to come and make all the desserts with her.  It was so much fun!!  All of these are her ideas and her recipes.  She does some cute stuff.  We made cookies on a stick, whoopie pies and coconut cream cupcakes.  They were delicious and pretty.

Today I am going to show you how to make the cookies on a stick.  It’s super easy and the kiddos can help too.

Start with your favorite sugar cookie recipe.  We cut ours into cute flower shapes.  Put a stick half way up into them and bake as usual.

yummy, pretty cookies on a stick

Then melt some chocolate or candy melts.

Dunk your cookie into the melted chocolate.  You will want to let it drip a bit and then lay it onto wax paper to dry.  While it is still wet, you can decorate it.

yummy, easy, pretty cookies on a stick

Let them dry completely before you package them up.

There is something about the packaging that makes them so much better!  Plus it helps keep them from going stale if you do these the night before.

We used all kinds of candy for decorating.  M & Ms, round mints, the bunnies are silicone molds that we poured melted chocolate into.

The kids had tons of fun making these.  “Laughter” loved that she could help out because it was for her Baptism.

Come back next week for the tutorials on whoopie pies and coconut creme cookies.

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