Catching up

A few updates and random things…

We have been living in a construction zone lately.  Remember the flood?  Well we are rebuilding.

I love love love the new floors.  But we are installing them ourselves.  I know what were we thinking?  2500 sq feet.  And then we have the tile to do.  I am already worn out and we’ve only got the family room done.  But hubbs is never tiring.  Even though he works 80+ hours/wk at work and then comes home to work hard at home.  He always has a great attitude.  I couldn’t do this without him.  Especially those cuts around the fireplace.  What a guy!!

I have learned A LOT about Insurance.  All of it things I wish I had known when I was choosing which company to go with.  Perhaps I will write a post so you can know these things too.

Thankfully my girls all chose Halloween costumes that I just happened to have everything for.  Hurray!!  I shopped the Halloween clearance right after Halloween last year.  So when my oldest wanted to be a witch I said oh ok here is a witches hat.  Saved my bacon this year.

homemade christmas gifts

I am going to be doing Crafty Christmas again this year.  I loved great homemade ideas for Christmas presents and I’ve got some cute things in the works.  So stay tuned.

Ok I think that is it.  Thanks for bearing with me through this crazy time.  I will be so glad when things go back to normal.  I hope everyone has an amazing Halloween and the weather is perfect!!

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