Soccer memories

I love this time of year.  The weather turns and the leaves change colors.  It’s gorgeous.  Soccer season starts up.  I love watching my kids grow and excel in sports.  Going to games is a fun family activity.

I remember the first goal my oldest scored.  I was at the Pumpkin patch with my other girls. She left early with Dad to go to her game. I’ll never forget the excited call that came.  She scored her first goal.  It may not seem that big of a deal but those firsts are something we as parents don’t forget.  I was so proud of her.

My very best tip for soccer games…make sure you have Kleenex on hand.  I was at a game with my middle daughter “Laughter.”  Dad was at her sister’s game.  Laughter took a ball to the face and she got a bloody nose.  It was everywhere.  Of course I had nothing with me.  I was left in a little panic.  Some other parents were nice and gave me what they had but no one really had much.  I ended up soaking through the few napkins I got and needed more.  Kleenex are a must have for sporting events. Laughter was so great.  She got cleaned up and went right back in to the game.

Last year my husband coached both girls soccer teams.  It was a bit hectic but I loved watching him coach.  He was so good at it.  A real natural.  I loved watching him leading and nurturing the girls.  Our girls loved having their daddy coach also.  They felt so special to have their daddy right there.

I love getting up on weekends to go watch my girls play.  Are you guys sports families?  What are your must haves for games?

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