My favorite side dishes ever!!

As I was preparing to write this post, I started thinking…What are my favorite Thanksgiving dishes?  Which sides are the yummiest?  Which are the most impressive?  Which 2 sides would I want for Thanksgiving if I could only have 2?  The answer was easy:

cheesy mushroom pull apart artisan bread


mashed potatoes and noodles for Thanksgiving

These dishes are seriously the GOLD STANDARD of side dishes.  Not just for thanksgiving.  I promise you won’t regret trying these.

Want the recipes?

Let’s start with the mashed potatoes and noodles.

You have to have potatoes at Thanksgiving.  My husbands family introduced me to potatoes and Noodles.  Let me tell you…so yummy!  No one ever misses thanksgiving because of the noodles.  I’m not exaggerating.  You talk about thanksgiving with this family and everyone says NOODLES!!

The recipe is very simple and very forgiving.  You can change things around to your liking.

Start by making your potatoes.

mashed potatoes

I like to put a couple dollops of Country Crock into mine.  I also put milk, sour cream and salt.

Take the drippings from your turkey.  You know the stuff you would use to make your gravy.  The noodles are egg noodles.  The kind your mom makes that you call homemade noodles.  The yummy kind.  You can make these ahead of time or even buy the frozen noodles.  Put your turkey drippings in a pan and add the egg noodles to it.  If you don’t have enough drippings, you can add some stock.  Cook the noodles in the drippings.  This will thicken it.  Taste and add seasonings you like.

Pile up your mashed potatoes and make a well in the center.  Add a heaping of noodle gravy and enjoy!  It might sound different at first, but try this.  I promise you will LOVE it!

mashed potatoes and noodles for Thanksgiving

And now for Cheesy Mushroom Pull apart Bread

Yummy cheesy mushroom pull apart bread

Bread is a great side for any meal.  This cheesy pull apart bread will become a go to side dish for you.  It is easy to transport, so yummy and very impressive.

I first saw this idea on Beantown Baker.  You can make so many different variations of this bread.  So I will tell you what I do and go check out her ideas too.

I like to start with homemade Artisan bread.  I make it the night before or even a couple days before and then add the yummy, gooey, deliciousness.  It is a cheap and easy bread to make but if you don’t want to you make your own, you can grab a loaf of sourdough bread.

Using a serrated knife, cut horizontal lines across your bread.  Then go back and cut vertical lines.  Make sure not to cut through the very bottom so your bread doesn’t fall apart.  You should have a cubed top bread now.  If you have problems with the cutting, you can use kitchen shears.

Cook up your mushrooms with some green onions.

Lay out some tin foil and but your bread on top of it before you fill it.  You will completely enclose it in foil to bake it.

I bought provolone cheese already sliced, but you can slice your own.  Now take your cheese and put some down each vertical cut.  The more cheese you put in, the more gooeyness you will get.

Take your mushroom and onion mixture and pour it over the top.  I like to make sure and get a bunch of mushrooms down into those cuts.

Take some Country Crock and and brush it over the top.

Close up your bread in the foil and bake at 350 for 15 mins.  Then take the foil off the top and bake for another 10 mins.

You can make this recipe with other ingredients.  I have done it will cheddar and bacon.  Pepperoni and mozarella.  Lots of varieties.  But I think this one goes best for Thanksgiving.  If you have other combination ideas, leave me a comment.  I’d love to hear your ideas.


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