10 most popular posts of 2012

I love reading these most popular posts.  They give such a look into what a blog is all about. It’s been fun to look back and see what I have been up too.  Hope you enjoy these also.

It looks like my links in this post are not working.  I’m not entirely sure why.  Every time I put links in and then publish, it publishes with no links.  Which is pretty lame to have a top ten roundup but no links for you guys to go check out the posts themselves.  So for now, if the post title doesn’t link you to the post, click the picture.  It should work.  I will figure out what is wonky soon.  Thanks for hanging in there!!


easy hair bun

Easy Bun

I’m so glad this post made the list.  I use this easy bun to finish so many hairstyles.  It’s a great one to learn for those need a quick style days.  I’m sure you will see it come up in future hair tutorials too.


cute free crocheted flower pattern

Crocheted flower pattern

 This was one of the first posts I ever wrote for this blog.  I didn’t really know if people would like it.  But I’m so glad you did.


yummy deviled egg recipe

  Yummy Deviled Egg recipe

 These are the best deviled eggs you will ever make.  They have a secret ingredient.  Click over to find out what it is.


easy cute hair styles

Flower bun with woven ribbon

I’m so happy you guys like my hairstyles.  They are one of my favorite things to do.  Behind printables.  This is the very last one we did before “Laughter” cut her hair all off.


cute temporary colored hair

Temporary rainbow hair tips

We had such fun with this hair color.  It is temporary and washes out quick.  Like with the next shower quick.  But it’s so fun to do.  Click over to see what we used.


cute disney mickey bracelet

Cute Disney Bracelets

You all know we are a Disney Family right?  We have some of our best memories vacationing with Disney.  So of course we made some bracelets to keep those memories alive at home.  There are a ton of different bracelets, so click over too see them all.  My favorite is minnies bow…or tinkerbell…or mickey’s fantasia hat…or well I can’t decide.


how to get large prints for cheap.

How to get Large Prints for Cheap

I am so glad this post made the top ten.  This is a tip that everyone needs to know.  I have used this one tip over and over in my home.  It’s that good!


homemade christmas gifts

 Good Morning sunshine cereal bowls

We made these as part of the first ever Crafty/Handmade Christmas.  Since then, I have seen lots of people writing all over mugs and plates etc. with Sharpies.  I have also heard that the sharpies just wipe off and are not permanent.  Check this post out to find out what to use instead.


a twist hair style

A surprise twist

This hair tutorial made the list 2 years in a row.  I’m glad you guys like it.  It’s a really easy way to have a cute hairstyle.  It’s also very quick.  I use it in my girls hair all the time!


excited to plant a garden

Planting a garden tips

This is by far the number one post on this blog.  To be honest I am a little embarrassed about it.  This post was written when I first started blogging and it isn’t my best work.  The pictures and the writing are very raw. The tip however is a good one.  I love that you guys can look past my inexperience and see the gem in this post.  This picture doesn’t even belong to the post…that’s how bad it is.  But the info is good and will hopefully help you with your garden.

Check back Thursday and I will list MY FAVORITE posts of 2012.  Are they the same as your favorite?  Did your favorite make the list?  I’d love to hear what you guys have been liking!

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