Changing up my morning routine

Yesterday I told you all about my Phrase for 2013.  What kind of person do I want to be?  This phrase is so important to me and you can read all about why if you missed it.

In thinking about this phrase, I have decided to change up my morning routine.  My girls are off track for the next 3 weeks.  Usually I think yay!  This is part of our summer break.  Time to sleep in and spend time as a family.  My girls normally wake up and wander down stairs.  Maybe pour themselves a bowl of cereal.  I wander down and start a load of laundry or pick up.  The other day, I decided to make Banana split crepes for everyone.  They were so yummy!!

yummy banana split crepes

Banana split crepes

We had so much fun cooking together and sitting down for breakfast.  I realized I wanted to be the kind of mom that connects with my kids at all times of the day.  Sitting down for a meal doesn’t have to be only at dinner.  I’m committing to more family breakfasts.

I’m also committing to be better financially.  I read this post from the AMAZING Mandy Tremayne.  She told us the she is challenging herself this year to spend the least amount of money possible.  It really resonated with me.  I have always wanted to learn couponing but I’ve been intimidated and I’m not the most organized with papers so I’ve avoided it.  I’ve also not wanted to subscribe to 10 sunday papers lol.  Because knowing me I might fall out of couponing and be stuck with all these paper subscriptions.  We also don’t have these double coupon things that I hear about.  So I wonder if it really is worth it here.  I tried once and ended up buying all these prepackaged foods I normally don’t buy {just because I had a coupon} and then still had to get my normal groceries.  So I wonder if it will work for us.  However, I am going to put the effort in and learn all about it this year.  I will share what I learn and let you know if in the end I think it is worth it.

Starting with this great deal from Kroger.

Just choose 5 participating P&G, Pepsi and Kellogg’s products and save $5 on your purchase when you use your Shopper’s Card.

I am going to buy this breakfast bundle to help with my morning routine.


I hope you can find 5 products you would be buying anyway and then save some money on them.  There are lots to choose from.

So tell me, is anyone with me?  Who wants to join me and Mandi and spend the least amount of money this year?  Does anyone out there coupon?  Do you know how to navigate this crazy coupon world?  Will you help me figure it out?

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