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I have decided to do something a little different with Book club.  You may have noticed I stopped posting Book club.  I think the format I was using didn’t work for you guys.  Here are my thoughts:  life is busy and it’s hard to be confined to reading a certain book in a certain time format.  One of the things I LOVE about reading is the freedom it gives.  You can pick up a great book when you have the time.  Put it down when it gets busy and come back to it when you can.  But it gets to be a chore when you think “oh man I HAVE to finish this book and I have two days.”  That’s no fun.

So I will be posting book reviews once a month {ish}.  You guys can read these books if you want but don’t have to be tied to them.  If you do read these books at any time {even months or years later} I would love to hear your thoughts on them.  I love discussing a good book.  Leave me a comment on the post and I will respond.  You can find all the books I recommend on my Book Club page.  It’s also listed at the top.  Hover over tutorials and it’s there in the drop down.  So now if you need a recommendation for a good read, you can go there and click on the posts.  Read what I thought of it and pick something.  On your own timeline.  Sound good?

As you are reading through my blog you may come across a Book Club post.  If the recommended book sounds interesting,  you can always pin the post and then you will have your own board full of books you can pick from when you need a new read.

Ok enough talk.  Here is my recommended read:

Enders game by orson scott card

Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card

My sister actually recommended this book to me.  And I must admit I avoided it for a while.  I never quite trust myself with fantasy.  And that’s how she described this book to me.  I don’t personally like books that are too fantastical.  This book however is definitely SciFi.  Which I am completely ok with.

Ender’s Game is based in the future and deals with Earth’s imminent attack from an alien species.  Our only hope depends on children with special abilities.

This book was a little slow starting.  It is so worth pushing through.  This book isn’t going to change your life, at least it didn’t change mine.  But it is a very interesting read.  And you will most likely want to talk with someone about it after you are done reading.  I know I did.  So come back here and leave me a comment.

In other news, how do you guys like a review?  I personally don’t like too much info about a book before I start reading it.  I just like to know that someone with similar tastes to me likes it.  But if you would like a synopsis or even a more detailed plot summary, just let me know and I will provide.

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  1. I LOVE Ender’s Game. It is one of my favorite books. Here is my review:
    My dad recommended this book to me on a day when I was in his down-stairs office. He had a HUGE, dark-brown book shelf on one side of the room filled with books of ALL kinds. I loved going in their and asking dad to pick one out for me to read. Maybe the best part of this long ago memory is the discussions and talks dad and I would have before and after reading a good book. He recommended Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card. Orson Scott Card is definitely one of my father=s favorite authors. And as you can tell by my book list he is one of my favorite authors too!
    Whenever I talk about this book, it’s hard not to make it sound like I am a science fiction junkie. I love sci-fi, but I am not limited to the genre. But to label Ender’s Game as simply a sci-fi classic would be like labeling “Moby Dick” a great book about boats. All great books, regardless of the genre, say something truly profound about the human condition. “Ender’s Game” not only manages to have a strong message, but it is also a joy to read. The plot is enthralling, the characters are complex and realistic, and the descriptions fill your head with fantastic images. Not only will you not be able to put the book down, you won’t be able to read this book just once.

    • This is one of my favorite parts of reading…discussing with others. I’m so glad for your comment.
      I can just picture your talks with your dad and the great bond that created. Thank you for sharing that memory. My girls are currently in the middle of the Harry potter series and I love seeing their joy for reading.
      Have you read the other books in this “series” from the different point of views? From your love of Orson Scott Card I’m going to guess yes. Would you recommend them to someone who doesn’t like to re-read books? I love not knowing what happens next and wonder if I would get bored in these.
      I’m always on the look out for new books and would love to hear your favorite recommendations.

  2. I read this book last month and tore through it in an afternoon…amazing! However, you’ll find the next few books in the series to be disappointing.

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