How to glaze cabinets

I have always loved the glazed look on furniture.  I do it to almost every piece I makeover.  I’ve also loved the look on cabinets.  So I decided to tackle my kitchen cabinets.  It’s a really easy process.

how to glaze cabinets

You can follow my glazing technique for this process…or you can cheat like I did.

Start with your unglazed cabinets

how to glaze cabinets

I sanded the first set I did.  Then I did a set without sanding.  There was no difference.  So I skipped the sanding step.

I took gel stain and slathered it all over the cabinets.  Making sure to get in all the crooks and crannies.

Wait a bit and then wipe it off.  Easy Easy.

how to glaze cabinets

It’s a pretty subtle effect but adds a little something.  I love it.

If you go over the entire cabinet, it will darken the color a little bit.  If you want it even darker, do another coat.

You can also do this on painted cabinets.  I really like the effect on white cabinetry.

If you do this project, I would love to see pictures.

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  1. Really nice effect! It is subtle, like you said, but en masse, I’m sure it would completely change the look of a kitchen!
    Shannon recently posted..Finally TogetherMy Profile

  2. Would you mind telling me what brand/color of glaze you use? Looks beautiful!!!

  3. I’ve never glazed cabinets… good to know! Thank you for linking up to Monday Funday!
    jamie recently posted..32 St. Patrick’s Day CraftsMy Profile

  4. Your cabinet looks great! What kind of glaze do you use?
    Inspire Me Heather recently posted..{stories of a house} no-sew DIY curtainsMy Profile

  5. Do you take all your drawers out and doors of to glaze them?

  6. I was also wondering what color stain and brand you use. I am going to town tomorrow and hoping to pick some up so I can do this. I promise to take pictures and send them to you when I do. Thanks!


  7. I would love to know how they have held up since you applied the stain. I wanted to change my kitchen and the second I saw your pic, I knew that this was exactly what I wanted. Would love to know if it’s wearing good. I will be starting ours after the holidays. I will send before and after pics once we are finished.

  8. Hi,trying to update things in the house. Question-if the cabinet has the polyurethan (sp?) and is that the shiny stuff they put over stain — anyway can you put the glaze over that? Probably a dumb question — but I’m definitely not a DIYer (I just want to be!) thanks.

  9. Just wondering if it wears off easy where you’re opening the cabinets and drawers?

  10. Dana Salser says:

    I really like the look of your cabinets.
    Question: My cabinets are stained a much lighter “Yellowish” color. Do you think a couple of coats of the gel would turn them into a shade of brown?
    Can you tell me what gel to buy?

  11. May I ask what color and brand you used on these cabinets?

  12. meredith ashworth says:

    I too would like to know what brand you used. Thanks

  13. Catherine Keir says:

    Love the look of your cabinets, I have been looking all week on ideas of getting rid of the oak color of my cabinets. Cannot afford new cabinets so I wanted something simple. I still like the wood look but don’t like the yellow look of my oak cabinets. Looked at all options but this is the exact look I wanted. Thanks for the idea and pics cause now I know what my results will look like. Will post before and after pics when done.

  14. Did ANY of the questions get answered? If so.. please let me know where I can find them. If not ~~ very disheartening.

    • Patty Jarrett says:

      Like you.. I am just right at done with this. Everyone that has these same questions (including me) gets referred back to “How to Glaze Cabinets @ Measured By the Heart” blah, blah, blah. I have been through it all, way more than once. She never says.. She only says “whatever color glaze or paint you choose” and how many parts water to how many parts glaze. Must be top secret? If she tells us she will have to kill us? I don’t know..
      Just seems very misleading and I am not going to HER website and read it all again. It simply isn’t there. And I am done messing with it all. Sorry folks.

  15. Glaze. Brand? Color?

  16. Bennett Giel says:

    ould you be desirous about exchanging links?

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