Starting seeds

I really wanted to start my plants from seed this year.  March is a great month to do this.  Even though the weather might not know it lol.  So when Daniel offered to guest post I asked him if he wouldn’t mind writing about starting seeds.


The days are getting longer and the sun is shining a bit brighter. I’m tingling with anticipation at the
thought of finally being able to get out in my garden and dig up some dirt. Unfortunately, we still have
a couple of weeks to go before it’s time to plant. That’s ok though because March is the perfect time
to get your starters going. Most seedlings should be nurtured indoors for 4 to 8 weeks before the
temperature is warm enough outside to plant anyways.

Choosing a Container

You can use pretty much anything to plant your starters in as long as there is drainage in the bottoms
but I recommend using organic, biodegradable material so you can plant the entire thing once it is
warm enough. You probably have a lot of things that you can use to pot your seedlings in around your
house or even in your recycle bin. I’ve heard of people using all sorts of things including coffee filters,
newspaper, eggshells, egg cartons, and toilet paper rolls.

Use egg cartons to start your seeds this year.

My biggest recommendation is to use what works for your garden as well as your budget. Starting your
seedlings isn’t supposed to be stressful or create a strain on your wallet. Jiffy cartons are great if you
want to spend the money but to be honest I would rather get a little more creative. In the past I’ve
relied on egg cartons but there are a few methods that I am looking forward to try.


I love this idea for starting seeds in eggshells.

Thanks to the good ol’ internet, I’ve come across this method. I put eggshells in my compost andoccasionally sprinkle them around the base of the plant but I have never tried using an egg shell as a container. I think it’s a brilliant idea because you can plant the entire thing directly into the ground and the egg shell will break down and provide added nutrients to help nourish your plants. If you try eggshells as containers, make sure you create a small hole in the bottom to allow for proper drainage.

Use egg shells to plant your seedlings.  Then you can plant the whole thing in your garden.


You can go origami-style or use paper mache to create holders for your seedlings. Origami has always
been extremely frustrating for me so I think I will try paper mache if I decide to use newspaper. Again I
think that the biggest issue with using newspaper is making sure that there is proper drainage for your
soil so that the containers don’t mold and the seedlings won’t drown.

Toilet paper rolls

I don’t know why I had never thought of using toilet paper rolls before. Because of their consistency,
I assume that they will work much like the containers I’ve already been purchasing. Cut in half, toilet
paper rolls are the perfect size for planting starters and you would just throw them away anyways. To
keep the soil from falling out of the bottom I would recommend fastening a portion of newspaper to the
bottom. This will also allow for ample drainage.

Use egg cartons to start your seeds this year.


Daniel Novak is a lover of gardening and planting, art and design, cooking and spending time in his
backyard oasis. He is currently a freelance writer for the tomato cage supplier, Avant Garden Decor. In his free time, Daniel
enjoys attending garden shows and farmer’s markets, wildlife viewing and watching baseball.

Great ideas Daniel.  I will be planting my seeds this weekend and will for sure consider these container options.  Do you guys start from seed?  What do you use for containers?

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