Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to my sweet little girl!!


Eden is the most loving girl.  She would cuddle with mom 24/7 if she could.  She always wants to hug and love.  If someone tells her you are a cute girl, she will say yeah and my mom is too.  She gets to spend a lot of one on one time with mom while her sisters are in school.  She loves cuddling up to me and could spend hours like that.

 She loves her Dad too and misses him like crazy.  It’s a bit heartbreaking when she runs to the door but it’s not him.  She is so happy when he is home.

Eden loves her sisters too.  She wants to be just like them.  She is great at sharing.  If she has something, everyone has a piece of it.  She is Samantha’s shadow and Samantha couldn’t be happier.  They often go off together and play for hours.  I love that they have such a strong sisterly relationship.

I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect daughter.  We love you Eden and are so happy you are a part of our family!!

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