Surprise Talents

I am so excited to brag on my daughter today.  Samantha is so creative and talented.  She has always been an artist, but every day I am blow away by her talent.  Here is some of her work:

final 2

final 3


Isn’t she great? She has never had lessons, she just comes by it naturally.  Of course, practice makes perfect.  She can always be found sketching or painting.

She was excited to do a video tutorial for you guys.  She is showing you how to draw Steamed Veggies in honor of Green giant.

Art is Samantha’s surprise talent.

Today I get to introduct you to Green giant’s Giant surpise:  New Veggie Chips. My family got to try them out.

New veggie chips from Green Giant.

If you follow along on Instagram, you have already seen these chips.  Some people responded that they wanted to know if these were good before they bought them.  I can certainly understand that.  I hesitate to try new products myself.  Because if they aren’t good, then no one eats them and that was a waste of food and money.  So sometimes we stick with tried and true products.

I am happy to let everyone know these veggie chips are good.  My kids were excited to try them out.  They weren’t in the least suspicious that they were getting veggies {although my kids don’t have problems eating veggies.  I got lucky there.} They could hardly wait for dinner to try them.  The Zesty cheddar tortilla chips look more like your traditional chip.  They are triangle and orange like cheesy chips should be.  The sea salt ones looked more like a baked chip.  My girls ate them both up and liked them both.  I asked them which one they liked the best and was surprised to hear it was the sea salt chips.

You can connect with Green Giant on Facebook or Youtube.  Check out more talents that Green giant has unearthed or print a coupon for $.85 off your bag of Veggie Chips.

A big thanks to Samantha for sharing her talents today.  And thanks to you guys for letting me brag on her a bit.

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