Retro curls hairstyle

I love doing curled hairstyles.  On myself and my girls.  It makes them seem more precious to me.  This style is great for a fancier occasion.  I usually don’t do curls just for school.  They are more time consuming and then kids run around at recess and all your hard work is down the drain.  I like to put my kids hair up for school.  It helps with the snarles. But then my girls play hard at recess.  I will probably do curls more once they hit Junior high.

Love these retro curls.  This hairstyle looks easy to do.

These curls are pretty easy to do but it is a different curling technique that you may not be used to.  So watch carefully.

If you have any questions on this type of curling technique, let me know.  I’d love to see your cute girls in curls.  You can upload a pic to my fb page if you want.

In other news, I usually upload my hair style videos to Youtube before I post them to my blog.  Sometimes as much as a month in advance.  So if you want to see them before they hit this blog, you can subscribe on youtube.

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  1. You have a very patient hair model! Cute! Love the end- “thank you for watching”… why don’t you do hair for proms and stuff? I bet you could make good money from that! I could use you in my house to do MY hair! So cute!! I wish my hair could hold a curl. Some how my daughters both have curly hair? Thanks for sharing the retro tip!
    Janette @ recently posted..Dear RayneMy Profile

  2. Very cute!


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