My fibromyalgia story {part 1}

This is Chapter 1 of My Fibromyalgia story.  You can also read chapter two or see all chapters here.  Thanks!

sharing my fibromyalgia story

Growing up, I didn’t know anything was wrong.  I thought I was a little lazy.  Because I didn’t want to stand for long hours.  I had a job at a bank and I didn’t like standing at the drive up all day.  But others did it no problem.  So I thought I was lazy.  Other than little things like that, I had no idea anything was going on.  If you have always felt pain, then that is your normal.  You don’t know any different.  Until it becomes debilitating.  For my childhood, pain wasn’t bad at all.

I have always wanted children.  I remember sitting in an interview and I was asked what do you want to be when you grow up.  I said I want to be a mom.  It is all I ever wanted.  A family and a space to love each other.

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Little did I know how hard it was going to be getting there.  It took us 2.5 years to get our first precious baby and 4 years for our last.  People think we chose to take a break or have a gap between children.  But that wasn’t our path.  I have always wondered what it would be like to plan out your family.  To say I want 4 kids 2 years apart.  For us it was all about faith.  I prayed and said Heavenly Father, if you want to send us more children….if there are children for us, please send them.  If not, then that is ok too.  And then we waited.  And saw Drs.  And graphed my temperature.  We both had tests and procedures.  I suppose to an extent I am still waiting.  We feel like our family is complete now {and Jason does not want me to go through another pregnancy} but if there are other children for us, then send them.  If not, that is ok too.

I could talk forever about infertility.  It is a kind of heartbreak like no other.  Unless you have experienced it, you cannot know how it breaks your spirit.  But this post is about fibromyalgia.  Which for me went hand in hand with infertility.

I remember the day I found out I was finally pregnant.  I wanted to wait and surprise Jason in some cute way but I just couldn’t.  I was so happy and I knew he would be too.  I ran into the other room and blurted it out.  We almost couldn’t believe it.

Picture 104

I started really feeling the effects with this pregnancy.  I would notice I was having pains.  Mostly in my legs and wrists.  It wasn’t terribly bad but enough to talk to my Dr. about it.  He said in pregnancy you can get pains and didn’t seem concerned about it.  So I dropped it.   I couldn’t really explain what was going on anyway.  The best description I had was that it felt like a cloud of pain had settled over my wrists.  Sounds kooky right?  But it wasn’t stabbing pain or throbbing pain.  It was literally like a cloud of pain.

After I had my beautiful baby, the pain went away.  So I dismissed it and enjoyed being a mom.

Picture 096

 Unfortunately this pain wasn’t going to stay away…

Thank your following along on my Fibromyalgia journey.  I will be writing and posting part 2 soon.  Stay tuned.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I was diagoned on Dec 23, 2001. It’s been a long road, but I live pretty well. I found tips and tricks…I have to take a very hot shower in the morning, take a hot bath at night or sleep with a heating pad. I also noticed a remarkable difference in my pain after going gluten free (b/c of celiac). Everyone is different, but I hope you have found a middle ground where you are living and thriving, and not in constant pain.

  2. I know its hard to talk about things like this but I know many who will benifit from knowing they are not alone in the blogging community with this. I hope it gives you some sense of peace to have it out there to discuss more openly!
    Janette @ recently posted..We Call Him Maverick!My Profile

  3. My mom has this. It is real and I am glad you are sharing. This will get more people to understand it. Take care.

  4. I was diagnosed with FMS/fibromyalgia when my youngest child was 4 months old and told that my long term prognosis was that I would end up in a wheelchair. The Army doctor who told me this had all the warmth & compassion of a tooth pick. This, after years of being told that my many “non-specific symptoms & complaints” must be “all in your head” because all of the labs & other tests were normal. I knew the pain, fatigue, difficulties with memory, episodes of rapid heartbeats, etc; were very real & not in my head. I just couldn’t prove it to anyone. Connie, in the 25 years since I was correctly diagnosed, you are the only person to say anything about suspecting you had FMS in childhood beside myself. When I first looked back at my childhood recently, theorizing the FMS went back that far, so many things fell into place, it was like finding the last several missing pieces to a large & very difficult jigsaw puzzle. It also explained a lot about why I always got complaints at work that I moved too slowly! Who expects a 22 year old new college grad to have a serious neurological disorder? Especially when she looks so healthy? But I did then & still do.
    I too experienced the heartbreak of infertility. My husband & I lost 3 babies on that most difficult road to being parents & we look forward to meeting them in Heaven. We now have 3 daughters, 2 sons in law, & 2 absolutely wonderful little granddaughters & a very cute grandcat.

    I have often wondered if there is a cause & effect relationship between my being exposed to DES while my mom was pregnant with me & the fibro. It was definitely the cause of all the infertility issues. That has been well established in the medical field. But I wonder…..

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