It’s been a rough week.

You may have noticed it has been a little quiet here on the blog.  We had a death in the family and it hit a little hard.

Meet Mikayla.

 Mikayla  Ashley  George

She was such a happy person.  Never had a cross word to say.  I will always remember how sweet she was to my girls.  She could relate to them and talk to them on their level and they loved her.  She struggled for 10 years after receiving a heart transplant.  She had a great sense of humor and the family wanted to honor that in her funeral.

Everyone was told that Mikayla would have hated people dressing up for her.  So we should all wear casual and comfy clothes.  I loved this.  It kind of felt like we were honoring her.  A video was put together of some of the service.  We all tried to do a celebration of her life.

{if you are in a reader, you might need to click over to see the video}

This was the first really personal passing that my girls have experienced.  I didn’t know what to expect but I was caught off guard with how hard it was for them.  Samantha tried to be strong.  We arrived early to help out and she passed out programs.  I noticed she was being quite solemn but I didn’t know how hard it was for her.  Right before we started she started crying and told me she wanted to go sit in the car.  She couldn’t stay.  I didn’t want her sitting in the hot car alone, but I couldn’t leave Emma and Eden either.  {Daddy was a pal bearer so he was busy and unavailable.}

We ended up walking to the far back of the cemetery and sitting under a tree.


They laid on my lap and cried while I tried to comfort them.  I hope what I said made a difference.  I told them that Mikayla was happy and in heaven.  That she was running around and free from pain.  That it is only sad for us here on earth because we will miss her but we will see her again.

Samantha told me she loves talking to me because she can tell me anything.  So I have hope that my words made a difference.

For some reason this one hit us hard.  I just wasn’t expecting that late night call.  And I kept thinking this doesn’t seem right.  So I took the week off to be with family and de stress.  To give us some time to grieve.  And I knew that you guys would be understanding and waiting here when I was ready.  Thank you.

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  1. They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as eagles. They shall run and not be weary, they walk and not be faint.

  2. This is my first visit to your site so I hope this comment isn’t out of place. I’m a nurse and worked at one point on a pediatric cardiac unit where we did heart transplants. But on a more personal level my father-in-law received a kidney transplant in 1991 and my father received a lung transplant in 2004. Both extended their lives by several years giving my father-in-law time to see both his boys get married-he died several months after both weddings which were held a month apart. My father was able to meet his last grandson (my son). It seems like the reprieve when someone gets an organ; that time is such a gift- and of course it is- but it is only very rarely that it lasts a very long time- and 10 years is not bad-but when it’s over I find myself looking back at how FAST that time seemed to go. What seemed like the gift of a much longer life while waiting for the organ seems to fly by after transplant. I always wish I could slow down time and enjoy it even more. I know that you are blessed to have known her; hold on to those memories. I’m sure her strength has changed you.

  3. I’m sooooo VERY sorry for the loss that y’all have had & the sadness that’s in your hearts now & in the times to come. I know I don’t know y’all & I didn’t get the chance to meet Mikayla. I’m sure that God has her & y’all in his Loving arms right now even though there may be times when it doesn’t feel like he’s listening or cares but I know he does & he’s the only one that knows how to protect your hearts & minds right now during this horrific time in your lives!! Please accept my condolences & know that I’m deeply saddened by your loss. You’ll all be in my prayers! Whenever you get back to some kind of normalcy or order I’ll be here no matter when or if you decide. May God Bless You All!!
    Kathy (AKA katforever18)

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  9. Too funny!!For years I saw them live every week and when we were going to move I bought the CD’s from them in person so I could hear them away.They are so roudy!!!! LOL Kel

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