My fibromyalgia story Chapter 2

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This is chapter 2 of My fibromyalgia story.  If you missed the first part, feel free to go back and read it.  You can also find all chapters here.

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My fibromyalgia story chapter 2 #lifescript

I’ve had a lot of questions about Fibromyalgia.  What it is, symptoms, treatments for fibromyalgia, support for fibromyaglia etc.  So I partnered with Lifescript to bring you a resource where you can learn more about chronic fibromyalgia.  I have spent time researching on their website and they do a really good job bringing you information on fibromyalgia syndrome.  I will also link to 3 articles I found the most helpful/informative at the end of this post.

sharing my fibromyalgia story

I couldn’t have been more happy to become a mother.  It was all I ever wanted.  A family of my own that I could love on.  I already had the most perfect husband and after a heartbreaking bought with infertility, my beautiful baby daughter was here.

My fibromyalgia story chapter 2 #lifescript

  I remember being so in love with her.  She changed the way I looked at life.  She was my little buddy and we did everything together.

When I look back at those first few months, I remember being SO. TIRED. I knew I just had a baby who was not sleeping through the night, but this was more than that.  All of my memories of that time are seen through a fog.  I kept saying to myself, people do this all the time.  And they are still standing.  So this tiredness must end at some point.  It was debilitating.

I’ve always had a hard time napping.  If I sleep during the day, I wake up with a pounding headache.  And I feel very off.  Like I had missed some time that I shouldn’t have missed.  It’s a very disconcerting feeling.  {And yes I know it’s weird} It’s just better for me not to nap.  Which I’m sure helped with this overwhelming tiredness that came these first 6 months.  But again I didn’t know any different.  I thought all new moms were stumbling around the house.

 Things got better as she started sleeping through the night.  And soon it was just a memory.  Samantha made me so happy.  We were a little family.  But something was nagging at me.  I knew she needed a sister.  There is a bond in close sisters that I wanted her to have.  Did I dare face the heartbreak of infertility again?  Would it be as bad the second time?

Infertility and extreme tiredness go hand in hand with fibromyalgia.  Along with about 100 other things depending on which symptom list you are looking at lol.  I have learned that sleep is vital to me.  The first thing my Dr. ever told me is that fibro patients don’t go into stage 4 sleep easily.  This is the restorative stage.  So we don’t get that deep restful sleep.  We don’t wake up refreshed and we get stiff and achy.  I have learned that I have to get my sleep in.  I cannot stay up into the wee hours of the morning reading even though I would like to.  The infertility comes along with the thyroid issues which go along with Fibro.  It seems like it is a ripple affect.  When something is wrong with your body, it affects everything.  Some researchers think that fibromyalgia lies in the body and gets triggered by a physical or emotional incident.  {such as a car accident etc.}  If this is true, for me it was pregnancies.  

The thing about fibromyalgia is that there is a lot to learn.  I still struggle with defining Fibromyalgia.  When I look at a definition of this disease it will usually say something like….Fibromyalgia is THOUGHT TO BE a disorder of the nervous system.  Or it will give some of the symptoms like this…Fibromyalgia is CHARACTERIZED BY widespread pain.  But there is no definitive answer.  No this is a virus or auto immune disorder or nervous system disorder. That’s because researchers don’t really know.  Thankfully more information is coming out all the time.  Which is why I love learning more about Fibro.  It’s both important and fascinating to me.  I spend a lot of time of websites like  Please read the three articles I have linked to below.  They will give you more information on Fibromyalgia.  I will also be giving more information in subsequent chapters of My fibromyalgia story.  More facts about this disease will come out as I learned it.  And I will connect the dots.  Promise.   I love connecting with other patients.  I have learned a lot of great coping mechanisms.  Some from you guys in response to this series.  Thank you for your comments.  You can never have enough information.

Links you may find useful for more information on Fibromyalgia syndrome

Fibromyalgia symptoms

Questions for your doctor:  Fibromyalgia

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  1. Great post Connie, thanks so much for the info here and in Part 1!
    Jessi @ Practically Functional recently posted..The Fun In Functional! {Link Party #56}My Profile

  2. Oh, Connie, I read your story on my phone the other night and had to come by to share mine with you. I, too, wanted children in the worst way. After two surgeries for endometriosis, my 1st husband and I stopped. IVF was pretty new back then and way over our budget. After the stress of infertility lessened somewhat, the marriage fell apart.

    Fast forward 10 years to when I met Marlon who already had 3 little boys in dire need of a mother. God knew what he was doing, I guess. I was so anxious to have a family! But a short 6 months after the boys moved in I was exhausted. Like you, I figured it was just the stress of family life. But this was different. I’d get them off to school and lay down until I had to pick them up. I ached everywhere. When I was sent to a rheumatologist, the diagnosis of Fibro was confirmed. Now what? Life doesn’t stop, does it?

    I tried different things, different diets, different modalities. Eventually I found painting. It calmed my nerves, which were always stretched taut with 3 stepsons, and made me feel better about myself. The Fibro didn’t go away but the “good” parts got better in my life.

    In 2007 I was rear-ended and wound up with a herniated disc. That, coupled with Fibro and my age has made life challenging. But I keep going. I no longer paint wall murals since Hubs died, but I still paint. I find other ways to “manage” things that are easier for my body and I rest. A lot. Stress is my body’s worst enemy, and there has been a boatload lately. But I keep going.

    I just wanted to write you to say how wonderful I think it is that you have your family and you keep going too. Other people don’t realize how monumental it is to just get out of bed some mornings. But usually we can find something during the day that makes it worth it, right? (Thanks for all the IG love. Means the world to me!)
    ColleenwithJustPaintIt recently posted..BBQ Picnic PrintablesMy Profile

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