#ad Chicken Mushroom Quesadilla quick dinner recipe

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School is starting next week.  Really?  Next Week?  I have LOVED having my kiddos home.  Just love having them around.  But they have to go back.  So when the good folks at Tyson asked me to introduce you guys to their Project A+ program, I jumped on board.  I am all about donations for schools and I really love Tyson chicken.

You see my daughter Emma is in a Chinese immersion program.  She goes to half a day in English and the other half is in Chinese.  No English is spoken.  It’s her 3rd year in the program and her class is the first one for this school.  So they are the guinea pigs.  Everything has gone really smooth but there is a lot involved in running a Chinese immersion program.  Parent involvement is HUGE.  Their teachers come over from China.  Families house them for the year.  There are also lots of programs like off track study groups or summer Chinese camp.  So the kids don’t loose a lot of language when they go home to their English speaking families for the summer.  As a parent, I want to do anything I can to support this program and my daughter’s success.

That’s why I LOVE Tyson’s Project A+ program.

#ad Tyson Project A+ donations for schools

It’s just four easy clicks to see if you school is enrolled.  Head over to the Project A+ website and look up your school.  If by chance it is not enrolled already, you can easily do that.  Or talk to someone in the office at your school and they can do it.  Once your school is enrolled the rest is so easy.

When you do your shopping pick up some Tyson products just like you normally do.  Look for this symbol on the package.

#ad Project A+ from Tyson helps with donations to schools

If you clip these and turn them into the school, they can redeem them from Tyson for 24 cents each.  That’s a lot more than other programs.  I think it is important to do what we can to support our children’s schools.  Especially since we are already shopping for these products.  Check out all my shopping photos to see more Tyson products with this label.  My girls school does a labels store.  You save up your labels and a couple times a year you bring them in and buy things with them.  They can get books, pencils, notebooks etc.  My girls look forward to this and make sure to clip every. single. label.  I love that it helps out the school and especially the Chinese immersion program.

As you shop for your Tyson A+ products, make sure and pick up some #ad Project A+ from Tyson helps with donations to schools

Tyson Grilled ready chicken.  This stuff is cooked and cubed.  All ready for you to use.  Such a time saver. Who doesn’t love a quick dinner? I used it to make my Chicken Mushroom Quesadilla.

#ad buy Tyson grilled and ready chicken to make this Chicken mushroom quesadilla.  Make sure and clip the project  A+ label and turn it in for donations to schools.

This is such a yummy and quick dinner.  Especially when your chicken is all cooked and cubed for you.  For this recipe, I didn’t note specific amounts because you can make more or less of these depending on your family size.  If you use whole wheat tortillas, it is a pretty healthy meal.  Dunk it in some guacamole.  Yum.

Chicken Mushroom Quesadilla quick dinner recipe


  • Tortillas
  • Tyson Grilled Ready Chicken
  • Sliced Mushrooms
  • Cheese


  1. Sautee mushrooms over the stove top.
  2. Add in Tyson Grilled ready Chicken at the end to heat the chicken.
  3. Place Tortilla in skillet.
  4. Add a handfull of mushroom and Chicken mixture.
  5. Sprinkle cheese all over.
  6. Place second tortilla on the top.
  7. Cook until cheese melts and tortilla gets golden brown.
  8. Flip over and toast the other tortilla.
  9. Remove from pan and cut into serving sizes.

#ad buy Tyson grilled and ready chicken to make this Chicken mushroom quesadilla.  Make sure and clip the project  A+ label and turn it in for donations to schools.

Such a yummy meal.  Make sure and clip that label for your school when you make this.

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