Back to school

My daughters went back to school on Monday.  They were antsy to get back and excited for another year.

back to school we go

back to school we go

We met their teachers prior and I really like all of them.  A good teacher makes ALL the difference.  Of course it is early but I am hopeful we got a good bunch this year.

Samantha has a homeroom teacher and a regular teacher and Emma has an English teacher and a Chinese teacher.

back to school we go

Samantha and Emma’s classrooms are right next to each other this year.  I love that.  It is Samantha’s last year in elementary school so it is sweet that they get to be close for it.

back to school we go

Eden is taking it pretty well.  She loves that she gets one on one time with mom. After dropping her sisters off she said, now we get to do everything together just you and me.  But she sure does love her sisters.

back to school we go

Samantha is wearing a waterfall twist and my favorite no heat curls in her hair.  {they fell out a little because her hair was still damp when we took them out.}  Emma is wearing my favorite curling iron curls.  {tutorials coming soon}

Here’s to another great school year!!

For Samantha and Emma this school year,  I wish them happiness.  I wish them lasting friendship and good influences.  I wish them ease of mind and lots of knowledge.  I wish them good health and lots of love.

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