My Fibromyalgia story chapter 3

If you are new to my Fibromyalgia story, you might want to start with Chapter 1.  You can also see all chapters here.

sharing my fibromyalgia story

I was so lucky with my second daughter Emma.  I knew there was another little girl waiting for us.  But I was so scared of going through the heart break of infertility again.  Luckily, we got pregnant with Emma quickly and easily.  It was a bit of a surprise because we expected to have a hard time.  But we were thrilled.

During this pregnancy, my aches and pains came back.  I remembered them from being pregnant with Samantha.  I wondered if they were just a part of pregnancy.  I did talk to my Dr. about them but he waved them off.  I thought they would go away after I gave birth so I just put up with them and moved on.

I also noticed that whenever I got pregnant, I got a “head cold” that never went away.  I was stuffed up and it was hard to sleep.  Especially at night.  Since you can’t take much while you are pregnant, I slept with those breath right strips on.  Every.Night.

sharing my fibromyalgia story chapter 3.  read all the chapters at

Emma came three weeks early and we were so happy she was here.  The last month I was pregnant was pretty awful but I fully expected to recover and have my pain go away. I was prepared for the debilitating exhaustion.  This time, my hubby had more time at home so he helped out a lot.  And luckily Emma was the BEST sleeper.  She’s still the best sleeper out of all my girls. I noticed I couldn’t hold her in one position for long.  If she fell asleep on my arm, it would start to ache.  Hubby could hold her on his arm for hours and he didn’t hurt.  I didn’t really connect that to my aches and pains.  They were mostly in my legs, wrists and back. And I thought they were a pregnancy thing and would dissapate.

But my aches and pains didn’t go away this time.  It was the worst at night.  I couldn’t sleep.  The pains in my legs would wake me up out of a deep sleep.  I couldn’t lay still it hurt so bad.  I had to move my legs back and forth almost out of my control because it hurt so bad I couldn’t keep them still.  I knew I needed to start my crazy search to find out what was going on.  But I was nervous and scared.

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  1. I have had fibromyalgia for 22 yrs. I was diagnosed with it after I didn’t recover fully from a car accident that had happened two yrs earlier. It is not fun. I have had times when it seems that I do not have it at all but there are times when I am really under stress and I ache all over the place but I have to go on for myself and for others.
    I wish you well in all your endeavors.

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