Halloween crafts for kids to make {and eat}

Last weekend my girls had a sleepover at their Nana’s house.  I missed them like crazy.  The house was WAY too quiet.

They came home with these cute Halloween witches hats and broomsticks.  Samantha, being the amazing child that she is, said, “Mom, I didn’t touch any of mine because I wanted to bring them home so you could take pictures and post them on your blog if you wanted to.”  Isn’t she great?  So of course I asked her if she wanted to write her first post.  And she did.


So here is Samantha showing you how to make some cute Halloween crafts.

Hi guys its me Samatha and i am writing my first blog post ever.

On my five day weekend {which was the coolest thing ever} my nana invited us ( me Emma and Eden ) to go sleep over. I was so excited. Once we got settled we were waiting for my papa. He came around 5:30ish  so we had to eat dinner early we went to artic circle. The reason we had to eat dinner early was because  we went to my first 3D movie. Cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2. One of the best movies if i say so my self.  After that we went back to my Nanas house and went to bed in the morning we went to McDonalds for breakfast  then we came back to nanas house and made these little things.

cute halloween kids crafts. Make witches hats and broom sticks

Aren’t they cool? It’s witch hats and broom sticks.

cute halloween kids crafts. Make witches hats and broom sticks

I made these by taking cookies and putting orange frosting on it. Then put a chocolate kiss on it. That’s the witch hats.

cute halloween kids crafts. Make witches hats and broom sticks

The brooms are simple and delicious. You take a reeses {my favorite candy} and put a pretzel stick in it. Easy as chocolate pie. Eden and Emma made there own but I have to admit they turned out amazing.

After we made these at my Nanas we went back to the house. I missed my mom and I am happy I am now home. I hope you like these Halloween crafts.  They were fun to make and eat.

Thanks so much cutie for writing for me!  Didn’t she do a great job?

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