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Remember a few months ago my fridge died?  I asked for advice on this blog and social media.  You guys were so awesome giving me great input.  I’ve been asked for an update now that I’ve been living with out new fridge for a little while.  So here are my thoughts.

When it comes to buying a new fridge, there are so many options to choose from that it can be overwhelming. The first thing that you need to decide upon is the style of refrigerator you need, and then you can narrow down the selection with any specific features you require after this.  I knew I didn’t like the side by side style anymore.  I know it is popular but I hated the freezer section.  Before we moved to this house we had a fridge with the freezer on top.  Kinda like this one:


I really liked the freezer portion not being the long tall freezer you get with a side by side.  But I kind of felt like this style was a bit dated and I wanted something new.

There are several popular types of refrigerators.

If you have a small kitchen, a fridge-freezer is a good option, as it operates at two different temperatures but only takes up the floor space of one unit. It is likely that you will have less shelf space available for your food if you go for this option rather than having a separate refrigerator and freezer. This may or may not be a good thing, depending on how much you buy when you shop. But I knew this wouldn’t work for us.

If your kitchen has matching units, you may wish to choose a built-in refrigerator. This allows you to store food properly in your fridge, whilst not ruining the look of your kitchen. They are often a little smaller than freestanding refrigerators due to having to fit into an area the size of a cupboard.  I really like the idea of a fridge that is built in or faced to look like the cabinets.  But only if it truly looks like a cabinet or a piece of furniture.  I have seen some where the water and ice on the outside make it very obvious that this is a fridge.  It kinda looks like you were trying to hide it but no one is falling for it.  Either way, this wasn’t really an option for us right now.  We are not redoing the whole kitchen.  Just needed a new fridge lol.

If need a large refrigerator, an American style side-by-side fridge might be the answer. These refrigerators are usually taller and wider than most, but often have side-by-side doors so that they can open fully, even in a small space.  I liked the idea of more space.  Our fridge spot doesn’t have cabinets on one side so we can get a LARGE fridge in.  But I really didn’t want another side by side.

I have been thinking about the new french door fridges.


 I just wasn’t sure if I would like the drawer freezer.  I didn’t want to be digging through layers of frozen food.  That’s what I hated about my side by side.  The stuff that got put in the back was then covered and you had to dig and often forgot and didn’t use what was back there.

But I did like when we had a freezer on top so I was willing to try this one out.  I found a really good deal on a black french door fridge.  I wasn’t sure if I wanted to switch from stainless to black.  I like the look of stainless more but it was SO hard to keep clean.  Every. Single. Fingerprint. Showed.  So this black french door fridge was definitely on the list.

Another consideration was refrigerator features.

Even once you have decided on a type of refrigerator, you are still likely to be faced with a large variety to choose from. Picking the right one for your kitchen could be as simple as choosing one that matches the brand or color scheme of your other appliances. If you have not picked a fridge-freezer, consider whether or not you need a freezer shelf in your refrigerator. Even if you already have a freezer, one of these can be handy, and some refrigerators come equipped with small shelves specifically designed for holding ice. Some American style fridges have built-in ice and chilled water dispensers, however you will be faced with a choice between one with a water tank and one which is plumbed in – the choice here will likely depend on the layout of your kitchen.  We definitely wanted water and an ice maker.  One of the problems in our broken fridge was the water line that always leaked and never really worked right.  SO I was happy thinking about getting cold water again. Check the number of shelves that the fridge comes with and how adjustable they are. It is usually possible to move shelves up and down, however make sure that the spacing between them is suitable for the sorts of products you buy. Be sure to know about which does and doesn’t need to be kept in a refrigerator – you may be surprised by the things you put in there by habit that really do not belong.

So in the end, we decided to go with the black french door fridge.  It was a little smaller than the previous fridge {29 cubic feet vs 26 cubic feet}  Truth is we didn’t notice a difference in size.  I was worried about the freezer drawer and after a few months, I LOVE it!!  There is a sliding shelf that cuts the freezer drawer in half so you are not digging through the entire thing.  I can find things easier.  It’s not dark and scary in the back like the side by side was lol.

I was also wondering if I would like the black finish vs stainless steel.  But I don’t mind it.  My other appliances are stainless and black so it fits nicely.  I really love how much easier it is to clean.  Someone left a comment telling me black shows everything.  But I don’t find the dirty sticky fingerprints issue I had with stainless.  And that is amazing for us.  So long story short, I love the new fridge.  French door with a freezer drawer works wonderfully for us.  And we like how much easier it is to clean.  Thanks for the questions.  Keep them coming.

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