Faux Stamped Washer Necklaces

I’m starting Handmade Christmas a little early this year.  To give us all some time to make some of these DIY Christmas gifts.  If you remember, we have a lot {33} of people to buy for each year.  So I try to come up with some Handmade gifts I can make for people.  I also think when you put time into a present, it becomes so much more personal.

So today I am showing you some Faux Stamped Washer Necklaces.

make faux washer necklaces for handmade christmas gifts.

I just love these Necklaces.  They look so good and are easy to do.  Head to your local home improvement store and pick out some washers.  A big one for the bottom and a smaller one for the top.  You can fit them against each other to make sure they fit.

I used dark vinyl for the lettering.  It kind of looks faux stamped and I like that.  If you find dark small alphabet stickers you could use those too.

make faux washer necklaces for handmade christmas gifts.

I used leather cording for the necklace part and threw in a bead just for a little color.

There are so many different options you can do for wording.

make faux washer necklaces for handmade christmas gifts.

I really like to put the mom and dads name on the top washer and the children’s names below.  Like on the two examples in the middle.  I put a little heart between each name.

The necklace on the right is for a newly married couple.  Since they don’t have children yet, I put their marriage year.

The necklace on the left is for a grandma and grampa.  They have too many kids and grandkids to fit around the washer so I put families are forever.  You could put anything you want…a favorite quote, hearts, stars, nothing.  It’s up to you.

I hope you like these faux washer necklaces.  If you have any questions leave me a comment.  You can also check out the handmade Christmas gifts from the last 2 years and make sure to come back here for more DIY gift ideas.

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