Family room makeover

I am so excited to FINALLY show you guys my family room makeover.  Two years ago we moved into our forever home.  It was quite the journey and you can read my Home story if you want to know more.

Here is what our family room looked like before we moved in.  This pic is from our appraisal.

Our family room before...see the transformation at

Things have definitely changed.  Here is the after.

my family room makeover

It was a weird route getting here.  One day I woke up to find this on our ceiling.


There were several of these all over the ceiling and they were dripping.  The disaster cleanup guys were called in and more holes were made.




They pulled out a big chunk of carpet because the flood had rained down on it.


Then we had to have these big fans running 24 hrs a day to avoid mold.  They are loud and gave us a headache.


But my kiddos had fun with them.


All of the flood pics were taken with my cell and can be found on my instagram account.

Since we had the carpet ripped up, we decided we weren’t going to put down new carpet.  I wanted wood floors.

hardwood or laminate

This picture was taken at Christmas time.  Right after we put the floors in.  My hubby was working 15 hr days 6 to 7 days a week so he is never home.  My girls and I put the floors in by ourselves.  My 8 and 11 year old hammered in about 25% of the floors and were by my side for every single plank laid.  {the flood was extensive and we ended up putting in 2500 sq feet of flooring}

hardwood vs laminate flooring

I am so stinking proud of how hard they worked and what great attitudes they had!  My girls rock.

We also tore the carpet off the stairs and put in wood.

install hardwood stairs

I was nervous but learned it isn’t too hard to install hardwood stairs.

Since the ceiling was opened up, my hubby decided he should put can lights in.  Electrical is not in my wheel house.  So he found the time to sleepily put them in.  And now the ceiling looks like this:

from big gaping hole to finished ceiling.  see more before and afters at

It was hubby’s idea to put two fans in the ceiling and I LOVE it.  It gets hot in the summer.  Especially with three big windows.  But we love our view too much to cover them.

So now the big construction is over and our family room is back together.  Want a tour?

Let me remind you of the before and after.

Our family room before...see the transformation at

my family room makeover

Aren’t those floors gorgeous?

Here is how I styled my fireplace.

fire place

We love to travel and I always try to pick up something for the home from the places we visit.  It reminds us of how much fun we had.  The surfboard and carving are from Hawaii.  The turtle my hubby made for me out of copper.  Because he knows we love swimming with sea turtles.  And have awesome memories from Grand Cayman.  You can find the love is spoken here printable on my blog.

Our tv cabinet was made over from a dresser.

tv cabinet made over from a dresser.  see more at

I love decorating with gourds.  They dry out with such a great texture.

sharing my family room makeover.  see more at

Continuing around the room, this chair is everyone’s favorite.

my family room makeover.  see more at

Not only do I love the lines, it is so comfy.  Behind it is one of the windows we just can’t cover up.  Want to see the view?

home tour view from back door

Our backyard neighbors are dairy farmers.  And we love looking out and seeing the cows in the fields.  At night you can see the lights from the city in the distance.

Standing at the tv cabinet and facing the family room, you will see our couch and coffee table.

my family room makeover.  See more at

I don’t love my couch but for now it is what we have.  And it is pretty comfy as every seat reclines.  I made some pillows for the couch.

made pillows for my family room makeover.  see more at

I have two galleries on the walls.  One behind the couch.

my family room makeover.  see more at

And one on the wall opposite.

sharing my family room makeover.  see more at

I love having photos of my family all over my home.  If you want to do a gallery wall, check out my tutorial showing an easy way to make a gallery wall.

Thanks for joining me on my family room tour.  It was a bit of a different route getting here but I love it.

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  1. Your living-room is lovely. Your nightmare turned out to be a nice opportunity!
    Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse recently posted..A Day In Drôme ProvençaleMy Profile

  2. Love this room! It has really turned out great! (Even after all of the drama!)
    The hardwood floors are awesome! I can not believe that you did them all by
    yourselves! WOW! Amazing! :)

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