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Since I am writing My Fibromyalgia story, you guys know I take a few medications right?  I thought I would pop in today and tell you how I handle my medication refills.

I don’t know why but I always tend to leave things to the last minute.  In other words I am driving to the pharmacy because I am completely out of my prescriptions.  And it has been hard {in the past} to keep track of how many refills I had or if I needed a new script from the doctor.

This is what I do now…I get all my prescriptions from my online pharmacy account at Walgreens.  And I do all this from my phone.

The best way to get your medication refills.  #WalgreensRX #shop #cbias

This is the Walgreens Mobile app.  This little guy organizes all prescriptions for me.  And I love it.

I click on pharmacy and sign in to my online pharmacy account.  And there I find all my my prescriptions.  I can see if I have refills left and how many.  I can also order my refills from here too.  It is so easy!  I do this 5 minutes before I jump in the car to get my kiddos from school.  Then I run over and pick them up after.

I love that you can also refill by scan.

The best way to get your medication refills.  #WalgreensRX #shop #cbias

Just click on Refill by Scan in the middle there.  Then you will see this:

The best way to get your medication refills.  #WalgreensRX #shop #cbias

You just center the barcode from your prescription bottle in the middle there and it will scan it  for you.  My hubby uses this one all the time.

But let me tell you the 2 main reasons I am a loyal Walgreens customer.

When I was a young new mother, my sweet Samantha came down with an ear infection.  She only had one in her first year of life so I wasn’t an old pro at this.  She had a fever and was burning up.  So I took her to the Doctor and got a prescription.  I was driving home with my sick daughter strapped into her car seat and needed to get the prescription filled.  Samantha had just finally fallen into a much needed sleep and I didn’t want to get her out and wake her up to get this prescription.  Walgreens was new to my area and I drove past them and saw the drive up.  That day the drive up saved me and I have loved it ever since.

The best way to get your medication refills.  #WalgreensRX #shop #cbias

The other reason I love Walgreens is they have this amazing service called Pharmacy chat.

The best way to get your medication refills.  #WalgreensRX #shop #cbias

I have used this service to chat with a Pharmacist so many times.  You know that moment in the middle of the night where you wake up and cannot remember if you have taken your medicine before bed?  What do you do?  Take more and risk having  a double dose in your system?  How bad would that be versus skipping a dose?

You don’t want to call and wake up your doctor in the middle of the night.  So you go to Walgreens and use the Pharmacy chat.  It is so nice having someone who is awake and waiting to talk to you.  Puts your mind at ease and helps you figure out what to do.

Being a busy mom, I love hearing tips to keep myself organized or make things easier.  For me it is Walgreens for our family prescriptions.  

I’d love to hear your organizational tips.  Leave me a comment and tell me what makes life easier for you.

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  1. Marcy Strahan says:

    I switched all mine to Walgreen’s! I love how they email me & all I have to do is hit “reply” to get my refills & then they email me when they are ready. My local Walgreens has a drive thur window too. So, I can not worry about getting all dressed up & can go thur the drive thur in my house clothes & house shoes!

  2. Marcy Strahan says:

    Yes, just sign up online. There you will see a record of all your meds & when they were refilled & how many you have left. Then they will email you when it’s time & all you have to do is hit reply!
    My phone is a trac fone & cannot do the ap thingy. I order from Walgreens all the time & already had an account. I signed up to the pharmacy online & Wa-La! I am good to go! Be sure to attach your Walgreens card to your account. You can get RR points on your card for onine orders too.

  3. The Walgreens app definitely makes things easier for busy moms and gives me one less thing to keep track of on my own. #client
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