5 Must haves for your beach vacation

I just love to travel.  It’s one of my most favorite things.  But I’m not much of a camping in the mountains kind of girl.  I love a beach.  Love love love a beach!

cute toes in the sand

So to help you out, I am sharing my 5 must haves for your beach vacation.  These are things that you just can’t skip over.  Trust me, I know.

#1 Swim wear

I know this might sound obvious, but of course you need swim wear for a beach vacation.  Have you ever tried to find a swim suit in January?  While there is snow on the ground.  I have.  Let me tell you, if you can find anything, the selection is not great.  Especially if you are going last minute and don’t have time to order anything online.  We all know that a flattering swim suit can be hard to find and worse when you don’t have much selection.  It can put a big grey cloud over your vacation if you feel uncomfortable in your suit.

You can sometimes find better selection when you arrive at your destination.  But if you are going on a cruise {like we were} you are out of luck.  I also like to take back up suits.  Have you ever gotten to your vacation and the strap breaks on your suit?  If you are stuck somewhere without a big gift shop, you could be in a bind.


#2 Sun Block

Sun block is a must have for a beach vacation but it can also be tricky.  Especially if you are flying in.  Remember there are restrictions in the liquids and gels you can carry on a plane.  Sometimes we like to road trip in just for this reason.  If the location is close, you can pack whatever fits in the car and not have to worry about airport restrictions.

We like to grab some spray sunscreen and some regular.  The spray is awesome for wiggly kiddos but they don’t like to have their faces sprayed.  We use the regular for faces.  Remember to get their little ears and part lines in their hair too.  Nothing ruins a beach vacation like a sunburn.

the arch

#3 Beach Toys

I like to make sure I do what I can to avoid bored antsy kids.  So we always bring a few beach favorites.  My kids love to build sand castles.  But the plastic shovels you can buy can snap pretty easily.  If you have the room, bring a small gardening spade.  It works much better.  If you are flying in, you can always make a trip to the dollar store once you arrive.  We like to use a laundry basket to carry our stuff around.  They are much sturdier.  You can squirt off the whole thing and leave it outside to dry.  Then bring it the next day.  A kite is fun at the beach, pick one up if you can.  We also love to get glow sticks.  The kids can run around at dusk with them and play tag etc.  You can also tie one to the kite and fly it up.


#4 Razor

Don’t ask me how I know, but you for sure don’t want to forget your razor on vacation.  The beach is one place you want to be smooth.  I love the Venus Snap razor.  It’s great for smoothness on the go.  We keep a few on hand and take them everywhere.  One goes in the gym bag, throw one in the suitcase or beach bag.  It comes in a cute container so you don’t have to worry around digging around in your bag with a razor in it.  I also like that it has a water activated moisture ribbon on it.  So you don’t cut yourself.  Especially when you are in a rush or on the go.  You can get the Venus Snap at Target.


#5 Water Bottles

Playing in the sun and water can make you thirsty.  Especially little ones.  It’s important to keep hydrated so we try to always bring water bottles with us.  If you have access to a freezer, freeze some water in water bottles the night before.  Then as it melts in the sun you will have cold refreshing water to drink.

So there you have it, my top 5 must haves for a beach vacation.  What are your must haves?  Where are your favorite places to vacation?

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  1. I miss beach too! I haven’t thought of bringing beach toys before, well my daughter is still young to play in the beach but we didn’t bring any beach toys as kids.. maybe because we’re always packed when we go out that’s why our parents never got to worry about us kids being bored. But those toys seem like fun to bring in the beach!

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