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On instagram yesterday, someone asked what was our favorite no heat curls.  That made me realize I haven’t shared this tutorial with you guys.  This is BY FAR my favorite way to do no heat curls.  The results are great and you get spiral curls that stay in all for a long time.

My Favorite No Heat curls tutorial

Don’t those look amazing?  You can also do them a little softer.

My Favorite No heat Curls Tutorial

I got the idea for these curls because I wanted a no heat way to replicate my favorite curling iron curls.  You know when you take a strand of hair and start at the top by the head and wrap the hair around the curling iron.  They make the cutest ringlets.  So I thought well why couldn’t you just wrap you hair in the same way around something and let it set over night.

And my favorite no heat curls were born.  Watch the video below to see how to do them.

A few points to emphasize:

These are my favorite curls because they make a perfect ringlet.  Also I love how they curl all the way down to the end.  Sometimes with no heat curls, the ends don’t get curled well and end up straight or kinked.  These don’t do that.

You need a cloth/piece of material that is pretty bulky.  Don’t just cut a strip 1 inch thick and try to use that.  The curls will be pulled very tight and will get crazy kinky.  You need the bulk in your cloth so they can wrap looser.

When you have finished wrapping the hair and are switching to wrapping the cloth, wrap in the same direction.  Keep going with the cloth in the same direction you were wrapping the hair.  Otherwise it loosens.

Don’t do this on wet hair.  At all.  Even slightly wet/damp hair isn’t the best idea.  You want the hair to be mostly dry.  I think the cloth keeps everything wrapped up and it doesn’t dry fast.  If you start with wet hair, you will take it out in the morning and the curls will still be wet and fall out.

For softer curls, start wrapping further from the head and don’t wrap as tight.  For tighter curls, you can do six cloths instead of four.  I wouldn’t do more than six however.

My Favorite No Heat curls tutorial

We just love this method and I often do it on my girl before bed.  They sleep in them over night and I just pull them out in the morning.  So easy and so pretty.

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