Deviled Eggs: The Perfect Recipe?

Can we crowd-source creative or traditional ideas for making the yummiest deviled eggs?

Deviled eggs are a family favorite summer staple. Everybody loves the person who shows up at the family cookout with a luscious tray of these goodies! I’ve made them twice this summer, using the same recipe I’ve used all my life; I probably learned it from my mother or grandmother and it’s not written down.

I’ll tell you how I make them, but I’d like to hear your recipe thoughts! What’s the secret ingredient you use? Send in your ideas or post in the comments, and I’ll use all the ideas for a future post chock full of your tips for making the best deviled eggs ever!

My recipe: I halve the boiled egg lengthwise, then use a small spoon to scrape out the cooked yolks into a shallow bowl. I use a fork to finely mash and crumble the yolks.

I stir in mayonnaise to make a paste, then add a couple of squirts of good old French’s mustard. I add salt and pepper, then I taste. Next I add more mayo or mustard until I get the taste and the creaminess right–no lumps. (Take very small tastes else you’ll end up with empty egg whites!) I pack the yolk mixture back into the egg white half, then sprinkle with paprika.

I wonder how adding a bit of cream cheese to the yolk mixture would taste? Do you like your deviled eggs more mayonnaise-y or tart with mustard? Vinegar? Would it taste better with a specialty mustard? A dash of Worcestershire sauce? Do you like them with some pickle relish? Finely chopped green onions mixed in or sprinkled on top? How about adding bacon bits? Tell us your best tips so we assemble the top ideas for creating perfect deviled eggs!

You can also check out other online versions of “best recipe deviled eggs”, like Hellman’s Classic Deviled Eggs, and be sure to check out the Huffington Post’s great article, “Deviled Egg Mistakes,” on what NOT to do when making these treats.

For a beautiful presentation, I use one of my antique deviled eggs trays.

For a beautiful presentation, I use one of my
antique deviled eggs trays.

Any tips on producing & peeling the best boiled eggs would be appreciated. There’s nothing worse than trying to peel a dozen eggs and having too many of them peel ugly, is there? At least I’ve learned never to use really fresh eggs to boil!


  1. Eunice Clickner says:

    I add half of mayo and half of sour cream, or sometimes ranch dip. I like onion flavor so I add onion salt or powder. Part of the family do not like the onion texture. I like sweet pickle relish. I also like to decorate with black olive split in half per each stuffed
    egg. I like to hollow out a small portion of the white and make my stuffing bigger. I add this chopped white into the mixture.
    I think I might make some with albacore tuna.

  2. Add a sprig of parsley on top- brightens it and also cuts some of the ‘eggy’ breath smell later on.

  3. Thankyou. I have heard of devilled eggs for years but had absolutely no idea what they were exactly, now finally i have an answer and they look yummy so i shall surely try them.

  4. It looks tasty. I think it’s also possible to add another filling, for example with greens

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