About Me

 Hi everyone, I’m Carolyn.

And I’ve got a big, diverse family! I’m the mother of two amazing  sons and two awesome daughters. All of them are in their 40s now. And, thanks to them, I’m also the grandmother to eight of the most perfect, smart, beautiful (of course!) grandchildren. Five girls and three boys; the oldest is 20 and the youngest is 6. They call me Oma and their grandfather PaPa.

We live very close to each other, so we’re in and out of each others’ houses about every day, and on the phone a few times a day, and getting together regularly, for just about any reason. And when we get together, it always involves food, fun, and…chaos!

Our family is probably a lot like many of yours. We have a lot of love, are very busy, and there are always a few problems and health issues. But we manage to find creative ways to deal with all life’s joys, and challenges. We’re looking forward to sharing that with all of you!

And that’s what you’ll find on our blog: family living.

Measured by the Heart is about a little bit of everything. We’ve got little girl princesses—hair-dos, sports, crafting, helping around the house, and clothes. With the boys, it’s energy, sports, helping out, and play. And for the older kids, it’s about school, getting a cool car, school, dating, clothes—and attitude! For the adults, we’re dealing with jobs, retirement, health issues, and recreation—and the kids!

All this requires creativity, a lot of DIY, finding bargains, making decisions, a LOT of energy, constant cooking, finding some quiet time to read or crochet, and making sure we all enjoy time in the outdoors, getting away from TV and iPads for  a change of pace.

So expect to find cool, up-to-date, creative tips about any and all of these  here at Measured by the Heart!

You’ll learn about fascinating new ideas on a wide variety of topics that I KNOW must be as important to you as they are to us!

if you’re interested in family, kids, little girls, smart shopping, recipes, crafting, crochet, health and wellness, nature and the great outdoors, pets and other critters, gardening, landscaping, books and reading, and DYI, I expect you’ll find things of interest to you in your daily life here at


Stop by often for a visit! It’s going to be great fun meeting you all!