About Me

 Hi everyone, I’m Connie.

I am a wife to an AMAZING hubby and mother to 3 FABULOUS girls!!  I love reading, cooking, graphic design and all things DIY.  You can usually find furniture upcycles, recipes, free printables, tutorials and hair styles on this blog.

 I LOVE showing off all the creativity out there in blogging world.

I have had friends and family tell me they wish they were creative like me.  The truth is, YOU ARE!!  When I show them step by step how I did something they came away saying, “Hey I can do this too.”  And “Hey, this was actually way easier than I thought it would be.”  That is why I write Measured by the Heart and bring you tutorials.  You can do it too!!

I am queen of the jimmy rig and have a strong “use what you have” attitude.  I can often be heard saying “I can make that” or “lets just try it and see.”

I LOVE meeting new people and have made some AWESOME friends out here in blog land.  Feel free to follow along.  I’m excited to get to know you.