Changes are coming…

Carolyn with fish

Changes are coming… So last month my brother calls and says, Guess what? We got this cool web site for you! And I said, Okayyy…. ? Like an early birthday present? After I took a look around … [Read more...]

Our Commercial is done!


Hi everyone, I have a surprise to share.  A few months ago, my family and I filmed a commercial.  It was such a fun experience and we had the best time.  The people that came out were so nice.  And I … [Read more...]

Family room makeover

my family room makeover

I am so excited to FINALLY show you guys my family room makeover.  Two years ago we moved into our forever home.  It was quite the journey and you can read my Home story if you want to know … [Read more...]

My one little word for 2014

my one little word for 2014

Last year I picked a phrase I wanted to work on for the year.  And I still REALLY love it and want to keep going with it.  This year, I am picking a word.  I think it is all about where you are in … [Read more...]

My Fibromyalgia story chapter 3

sharing my fibromyalgia story

If you are new to my Fibromyalgia story, you might want to start with Chapter 1.  You can also see all chapters here. I was so lucky with my second daughter Emma.  I knew there was another little … [Read more...]

Back to school

back to school we go

My daughters went back to school on Monday.  They were antsy to get back and excited for another year. We met their teachers prior and I really like all of them.  A good teacher makes ALL the … [Read more...]

A late summer wedding

Getting my adult immunizations at Walgreens. #giveashot #cbias #shop

Hubby's sister got married at the first of August.  My cute girls were flower girls.  They were so adorable.  And did an excellent job. It was a beautiful day.  They let the gorgeous outdoors  be … [Read more...]

It’s been a rough week.


You may have noticed it has been a little quiet here on the blog.  We had a death in the family and it hit a little hard. Meet Mikayla. She was such a happy person.  Never had a cross word to … [Read more...]

My fibromyalgia story Chapter 2

sharing my fibromyalgia story

This is chapter 2 of My fibromyalgia story.  If you missed the first part, feel free to go back and read it.  You can also find all chapters here. This is a sponsored post by me on behalf of … [Read more...]

Scenes from the weekend

beach 2

Turns out we live 5 mins away from the beach.  Who knew? So we went over there and spent some time this weekend.  On a tangent, I am a little bit obsessed with making these crochet hats.  I love to … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday Emma

bday girl

Today is Emma's birthday! Emma is the sweetest girl.  She will do anything you ask her to.  She is very loving and cuddly.  She has the BEST smile.  Emma loves to laugh and loves to make others … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday


Happy Birthday to my sweet little girl!! Eden is the most loving girl.  She would cuddle with mom 24/7 if she could.  She always wants to hug and love.  If someone tells her you are a cute girl, … [Read more...]

The easiest way to make a gallery wall

easy gallery wall

I have been wanting to make a gallery wall for a long time now.  I truly believe in surrounding my family with pictures of us.  Pictures of us happy together.  Pics of them looking lovely.  I think it … [Read more...]

Family Photos


We hadn't had a family photo done since my little one was 18 months old.  She is now going on 4.  It was long overdue.  I found an awesome photographer.   She was great to work with and got some … [Read more...]

My phrase for 2013

glitter phrase

I am so excited about my phrase for this year.  It has been on my mind a lot in the last few months.  For me when I can't stop thinking about something, I know I need to truly listen and act on the … [Read more...]

My favorite posts from 2012

cheesy mushroom pull apart artisan bread

I already published the most popular posts on this here blog.  I also wanted to post my favorite posts from last year.  I went through and picked posts that had special meaning to me.  Maybe things … [Read more...]