Flashback Friday: Eggs for Easter

yummy deviled eggs 4

Can you believe Easter is almost here?  It crept up on me for sure. Since today is Friday, I wanted to do a flashback to my favorite egg posts for Easter.   First up, a different way to dye Easter … [Read more...]

How to make custom towels

Make these custom towels as a wedding gift. Find out how at measuredbytheheart.com

I made these cute custom towels to go with our gift when hubbys sister got married last month.  I'm so glad I decided to try them because I just love how they came out. Aren't they the cutest … [Read more...]

Minnie mouse hairstyle

cute minnie mouse hairstyle. Video tutorial at measuredbytheheart.com

Today I've got a great hair tutorial for you.  With back to school time right around the corner, I tried to come up with something that would work as a great first day of school style.  My second … [Read more...]

Mod podge and a bookcase

making over a book case using modpodge and wrapping paper

You guys remember my home goals that I posted at the first of the year?  I said I wanted to work on a room makeover for one of my girls.  Well I have all three rooms in some stage of made over right … [Read more...]

A little change makes a big difference

put cute white items above your cabinets. A little change that makes a big difference.

Sometimes a little change can make all the difference.  I used to think that I liked a bare look above my cabinets.  It was less cluttery and looked cleaner I told myself. Well except for the … [Read more...]

Pantry door makeover

love this great pantry door makeover

I love adding pops of color in unexpected ways.  You guys saw how I painted my front door right? I so love it and have had so many compliments. I've been wanting to makeover my pantry door too.  Here … [Read more...]

Easter ideas

easy easter egg decorating

Are you guys excited for Easter?  I am.  Spring is such a great time of year.  The sun finally shows itself.  Flowers peak out of the ground.  The earth seems happy. And of course I love celebrating … [Read more...]

I’m loving…

Here are a few things I am loving around the www lately. I really need to build some kind of lockerish system.  We have shoes and coats taking over lol.  I like this one: Storage locker I love … [Read more...]

How to install hardwood stairs

how to install hardwood stairs.

I have to admit, tackling the stairs was really daunting!  I was intimidated.  Having done it, I don't know why I was so nervous.  It's one of those projects that you are scared to start but once you … [Read more...]

How to glaze cabinets

how to glaze kitchen cabinets

I have always loved the glazed look on furniture.  I do it to almost every piece I makeover.  I've also loved the look on cabinets.  So I decided to tackle my kitchen cabinets.  It's a really easy … [Read more...]

Crocheted chevron blanket

crochet chevron pattern.

I have been getting back into crochet lately.  I love how I can sit and crochet without getting involved in a huge messy project.  It's my end of the day activity before I fall asleep.  I also love … [Read more...]

My spring Mantle and pinwheel tutorial

how to make a pinwheel tutorial

I have a pretty dark mantle.  And that's ok because it is full of things I love.  But it wasn't very cheery.  It's perfect for fall but I wanted to lighten it up for Spring.  So I made a pinwheel … [Read more...]

How to get large prints for CHEAP!!

how to get large prints for cheap

I have seen this around the blogosphere quite a bit so you might have already seen this tip.  But in case you haven't, it is too good not to share. I love to decorate with photos.  It's an important … [Read more...]

Disney countdown

cute disney countdown

Hey everyone. I know I have been posting a lot about Disney lately. That's not going to let up because we are counting down to our first Disney cruise!! We are SUPER excited and are doing lots of … [Read more...]

lifesaver necklaces


We are making these cute little necklaces for my nieces and the girls friends.  It seems every time someone comes over to play and they see them sitting out, they gravitate toward them and make cute … [Read more...]

Unique idea? What do you think?

I just had to share this idea with you guys!!  I am mesmerized by it and I cannot decide if it is a good thing or not?  What do you think? {Image source} That’s right penny floors!!  I … [Read more...]