Scenes from the weekend

beach 2

Turns out we live 5 mins away from the beach.  Who knew? So we went over there and spent some time this weekend.  On a tangent, I am a little bit obsessed with making these crochet hats.  I love to … [Read more...]

My daughter’s Baptism

bookie blog

A few weeks ago we had a special event in our family.  My daughter got baptized.  We couldn't be prouder of her decision.  It's been a tradition for us that my mother and I get together and make … [Read more...]

How to get large prints for CHEAP!!

how to get large prints for cheap

I have seen this around the blogosphere quite a bit so you might have already seen this tip.  But in case you haven't, it is too good not to share. I love to decorate with photos.  It's an important … [Read more...]

Homeade Laundry Soap recipe

homeade laundry soap 2

I have been making my own laundry soap for years now.   I always get asked for the recipe so I decided to post it.  Here are the ingredients you need: One of the things to note when getting your … [Read more...]

Disney countdown

cute disney countdown

Hey everyone. I know I have been posting a lot about Disney lately. That's not going to let up because we are counting down to our first Disney cruise!! We are SUPER excited and are doing lots of … [Read more...]

Thankful Thursday

I try to always remember my blessings.  Because I truly have so much to be thankful for!!  And I’m not just saying that.  Plus I feel better when I think of what I have and not what is … [Read more...]

Meet the newest member of our family!!

For my daughter's 7th birthday her awesome Uncle gave us a parakeet.  Her name is Sunny and she is such a pretty bird!!  We have all fallen in love!!In honor of Sunny, I am posting some of … [Read more...]