Mother’s day present idea {kids crafts}

these lifesaver necklaces are a great kids craft.

Twice a month I host a pre teen youth group at my house.  We have between 10-15 girls who come and we do kids crafts, learn, play games etc.  With Mother's day coming up, we decided to make something … [Read more...]

Triple Easy buns hairstyle

easy cute flower hair style

I told you I like to do easy buns.  This hairstyle is so easy, I didn't even do a video or step by step pics.  I know crazy huh.  Here is the style: You need to know how to do an easy bun.  So … [Read more...]

Quick and easy present for a girl

cute quote for girls

I went to a birthday party for my niece a little while ago.  She was doing a mystery night and we all had parts and costumes etc.  In all the getting ready preparations, I might have spaced that this … [Read more...]

Flower bun with woven ribbon tutorial

cute flower hairstyle with woven ribbon

Today I am excited to show you one of my favorite hair dos.  I do this on my girls all the time {or at least I did before they both chopped their hair} and I always get stopped by people.  This one … [Read more...]

lifesaver necklaces


We are making these cute little necklaces for my nieces and the girls friends.  It seems every time someone comes over to play and they see them sitting out, they gravitate toward them and make cute … [Read more...]