Deviled Eggs: The Perfect Recipe?

Can we crowd-source creative or traditional ideas for making the yummiest deviled eggs? Deviled eggs are a family favorite summer staple. Everybody loves the person who shows up at the family … [Read more...]

Printable photo props

get your free printable photo props. These hats, glasses, mustaches and bow ties are so cute!

If you guys follow me on instagram, you have seen all the preparations I have been making for our daddy daughter activity.  It was last weekend and it turned out so great! Our theme was dancing with … [Read more...]

Chocolate Strawberry Cream cupcakes

These chocolate Strawberry cream cupcakes look so good. I am definitely going to make them.

Twice a month I have a group of 11 year old girls over and we craft, sing songs, learn etc.  I love doing this.  They are such fun girls to get to know. They always expect treats.  Always.  Which is … [Read more...]

Success or hot mess: Sparklers


I saw this pin the other day and thought it looked awesome for this 4th of July season. Please read through the entire post before you decide if you are going to do this. Use a plastic cup with … [Read more...]

4th of July Desserts

Measured by the Heart: yummy cheesecake recipe

I am hosting a 4th of July bbq at my house on Wed.  My uncle is flying in from New Jersey and my Grandma will be getting a huge family pic with all of us.  There will be between 50-60 people. I am … [Read more...]

It’s a Follow Along Party!!

Tiff @ Making the World Cuter  Is having a Follow Along Party!!  I think this is the greatest Idea.   New followers are tons of fun and if we all participate we all get new … [Read more...]