Quirky Tip of the Day~~Scratches


When we were moving into our home, we had a hard time getting the fridge in the door.  We had to take the doors off the fridge to get it in actually.  And the sides got pretty scratched up. … [Read more...]

Quirky Tip of the Day~~prevent paint film

I also haven’t had a Quirky Tip of the Day in a while {slacking, I know}.  Since I have been painting a lot recently, and will be doing even more painting when we move, I have a painting … [Read more...]

Quirky Tip of the Day {Gardening}

great gardening tips

I am so not a gardener.  I want to be.  But it definitely doesn’t come naturally.  You would think so considering my Gramma and mom are great at it.  But no.  So I am determined when we finally get … [Read more...]

Quirky Tip of the Day

  Summer is upon us and I LOVE it.  But one thing I hate is bug bites.  Especially mosquitoes.  The itching drives me crazy.  It’s even worse when my girls get a bite.  … [Read more...]

Quirky Tip of the Day~removing sticky finisher

hand cleaner_thumb[1]

So I love using wood stain and finisher, But I absolutely hate what it does to my hands.  That stuff can be very sticky.  And it won’t come off with soap and water or stronger cleaner.  Believe … [Read more...]

Quirky Tip of the Day 2

It’s time for another edition of Quirky Tip of the Day!! {Imagine that said in a cheesy game show hosts voice}  But in all seriousness people, this is an excellent tip.  How to make your … [Read more...]

Quirky Tip of the Day #1

So I’m starting a new series called Quirky Tip of the Day.  This will just be a here and there kind of thing.  I so love when I hear a tip and I think that would so work.  Why didn’t I … [Read more...]