What on earth is that plant? Ask the Plant Identifier App!

plant identifier app says it's quince

What on earth is that plant? I was totally stumped! Every spring and summer I look around my place and check out what’s growing and blooming. This year I noticed this plant I don’t remember seeing … [Read more...]

How to wear a buff and giveaway!

our garden haul last year.

The nice people at Duluth Trading company heard I had a big gardening project coming up and offered to send me some work clothes. What I really love about these clothes is that They are designed … [Read more...]

Starting seeds

I love this idea for starting seeds in eggshells.

I really wanted to start my plants from seed this year.  March is a great month to do this.  Even though the weather might not know it lol.  So when Daniel offered to guest post I asked him if he … [Read more...]

Guest post: Garden flowers + fragrance

flower garden

I'm excited to welcome our guest today!!  Patricia reached out to me when she saw I was struggling with my garden.  {Are you tired of hearing about that yet?}  She's got a unique point of view when … [Read more...]

Garden Update


Remember a little while ago I said I was hopefully going to be putting in a garden this weekend?  Think we did it? Surprise. Surprise. We did.  {I know I'm a little shocked myself} Remember where we … [Read more...]