Mother’s Day ideas

This overnight french toast casserole tastes like a cross between bread pudding and french toast. It is so yummy and easy because you put it together the night before. Would be great for mother's day brunch.

Hi everyone.  Can you believe that Mother's Day is this Sunday?  I know, holiday's sneak up don't they?  I've got some great ideas you can send to your hubby lol. A mainstay of Mother's Day is … [Read more...]

4 sided box braid

video showing how to do a 4 sided box braid

I love doing pony tails on my girls because it gets their hair out of their face.  But I am always wanting to jazz them up a little.  This 4 sided box braid is one I use often. It is a little hard … [Read more...]

100 Days of hair Days 26-30

sharing pics from the hairstyles my daughters wore to school for the first 100 days. This round up is days 26-30. Visit for more ideas.

Happy Monday.  Time for a new week!  We have had cold weather here which is a little nice because I am dreaming of sweaters and boots but I so love a warm Halloween.  You know where kids can wear … [Read more...]

100 days of hair Days 21-25

showing hairstyles my daughters wore for the first 100 days of school. Hopefully this gives you some ideas. Days 21-25

We are a quarter of the way through our 100 days of hair.  So far we have loved this series.  I hope you do too. Remember these are cell phone pics from Instagram.  You can see all the other days in … [Read more...]

100 days of hair days 6-10

100 days of hair days 6-10. Check out for more hairstyles

You guys I am so sorry I didn't get this up on Friday.  You wouldn't believe my day.  But I do think it's better to do these on Mondays because I am showing friday's hairstyle.  Waiting for Friday to … [Read more...]

Side swept hair style

I love this cute side swept hair style. It is perfect for kids or adults.

I really love a cute side swept hair style.  I have seen this hair style on a lot of celebs and red carpets lately and I liked it.   But I wanted to make it kid friendly. I knew with all the … [Read more...]

Retro curls hairstyle

So doing these retro curls on my daughter. This hairstyle looks easy.

I love doing curled hairstyles.  On myself and my girls.  It makes them seem more precious to me.  This style is great for a fancier occasion.  I usually don't do curls just for school.  They are more … [Read more...]

Waterfall twist

learn how to do a cute waterfall twist hairstyle

I added a popular posts section on the sidebar.  {If you are reading this in a reader, you might need to click over to see it} Of the most popular posts on my blog, half of them are hair tutorials. … [Read more...]

Triple Easy buns hairstyle

easy cute flower hair style

I told you I like to do easy buns.  This hairstyle is so easy, I didn't even do a video or step by step pics.  I know crazy huh.  Here is the style: You need to know how to do an easy bun.  So … [Read more...]

Girly Faux Hawk Hairstyle

girls faux hawl easy hairstyle tutorial

This hairstyle is so quick easy and cute.  I can do it in less than 5 minutes.  I love that it turns out a little edgy. To do this hairstyle, you need to know how to do my easy bun.  So go over … [Read more...]

My glazing technique

great glazing tutuorial

Since I have been going crazy over paint this past little while, I thought it might be a good time to show you my glazing technique.  The good news is I found a good color for my home.  Yay!!  Now I … [Read more...]

Quick and easy present for a girl

cute quote for girls

I went to a birthday party for my niece a little while ago.  She was doing a mystery night and we all had parts and costumes etc.  In all the getting ready preparations, I might have spaced that this … [Read more...]

Guest post: Barb from second chance to dream


Hi guys, I am on my way to my long awaited Disney cruise.  I love spending time with my family!!  I've had such AMAZING women volunteer to guest on the blog while I'm away.  Todays guest is no … [Read more...]

My spring Mantle and pinwheel tutorial

how to make a pinwheel tutorial

I have a pretty dark mantle.  And that's ok because it is full of things I love.  But it wasn't very cheery.  It's perfect for fall but I wanted to lighten it up for Spring.  So I made a pinwheel … [Read more...]

How to color the tips of your hair

easy temporary hair color

My girls recently had crazy hair day at school.  We decided we wanted to try out a temporary color on their hair.  By temporary I mean it washed out the next day in their first bath.  It came out … [Read more...]

A pinning I will go

Ok guys, we need to have a talk.  Actually, it's more like I need to make a confession.  As you know, Fridays are usually the day I do features from Tuesday's linky party.  But if you noticed I didn't … [Read more...]