December 1, 2023

Measured By The Heart

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7 Reasons Why Brave Is The New Beautiful

“Taking joy from living is a woman’s best cosmetic” – Rosalind Russell

Are you confident in everything you do? No? Perhaps there are some areas you have more confidence, but believe you are faking it, because deep down, you don’t think you are confident at all… about anything!

I’m applying for jobs but getting nowhere, I’m going for interviews but I always just miss out, I want to apply for that job but I don’t think I could do it, where are all my clients, all my friends have partners – why can’t I find someone too, confidence can be off-putting..I don’t want to look arrogant, I’m not really an angry person, it’s such an ugly trait, I doubt that my friends/colleagues genuinely like me, am I really good enough to have this amazing relationship/job/life… recognize yourself in any of these yet? I could go on.

As women we have been taught for a long time to focus on what is outside, cover up that lack of confidence with a touch of BB cream, hide the blushes with blusher, kick the quivering with a slick of lippy. What we wear and how we look helps us to ‘feel’ brave after all. Heck, I look good so I’ll sound good, and before my mood changes with the season I’ll just get a new outfit and I’ll start again.

But what if we focused on what was going on inside and really dealt with it? It can be hard to do, like throwing away those old pair of jeans, we know they’re not comfortable but we keep them anyway! Dare to peel back the proverbial layers and who is really bare nakedly you underneath that doubt? What is the real reason for the lack of confidence? Face this and you can face anything.

When you look inside now (not talking years of navel gazing here) could you start to recognise the beauty inside of you, could you let yourself see all your positive resources, all your past successes and achievements, could you love yourself for both your strengths and your weaknesses, could you accept yourself for who you are today.