July 15, 2024

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How An Andrologist Can Bring Smile in Impotent Male’s Life?

When a woman faces pregnancy or infertility issues, she heads to a gynecologist. But what if the problems arise in a man? Men with prostate problems or finding answers about infertility should look for a professional and certified andrologist. Andrology is the area of specialization on which each man should focus to manage his health effectively.

What is the work of an andrologist?

The study of the male reproductive system is known as Andrology. An andrologist is the male version of a gynecologist. The area of specialization is new to the world however, it has gained massive attention in recent years with rising infertility concerns and reproductive problems. 

We usually know about urologists who are specialized in treating male reproductive systems. They are not only specialized in treating a male but also have the ability to deal with the problems related to the female urinary tract. Now, when a urologist wants to narrow down the specialization of urology practice to male reproductive systems, he will be called as an andrologist. 

What are the reasons for visiting an andrologist?

Men often found it embarrassing when it comes to discussing problems related to sexual health. Luckily, a lot of awareness has been initiated in terms of both female and male sexual studies. To this day, some smart and modern men are looking to address the problems without hesitation. If you are one of them consider looking for an andrologist. They are adept in dealing with a variety of issues that include: 

  • Erectile dysfunction: Erectile dysfunction has been found in many as 30 million men and the condition is becoming common. Andrologists are trained to treat and diagnose such issues and thus, you can trust such a health professional easily. They can help men with the appropriate treatment required to handle the issue.
  • Infertility: Infertility affects one in every eight couple. Infertility not only affects women but also they are common to men. 
  • Prostate diseases: The reproductive or general health of a man is not at all in a good state with an enlarged prostate. In most cases, prostate diseases are diagnosed based on the problems related to urination like straining, frequency or urgency. 
  • Androgen deficiency: Male hormones are called androgens and this includes testosterone, too. It is the testosterone that is responsible for providing male attributes. When a man falls low in androgen, the overall sexual health can become prone to building problems.

How can an andrologist help you?

An andrologist in Chennai can help you with the expert approach of appropriate treatments. Initially, they can evaluate the problems to gauge the reproductive health of a man. This evaluation generally includes performing several lab tests and testing sperm quality. The lab tests are prescribed to assess overall health condition. If the results indicate an abnormality in semen, the andrologists can provide the best recommendations with treatments for improving sexual health conditions and resolving the problems.

Make sure to choose a certified and experienced medical specialist to deal with the problems efficiently. Even if it is in its minor form, consider, consulting with a professional andrologist.