December 1, 2023

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If you are taking tianeptine, these are some measures you should know

Tianeptine is a great drug to cure depression, anxiety attacks, PSTD (post-stress traumatic disorder), and many more. This drug gives promising results for treating depression, anxiety, and many more. However, tianeptine capsules can be addictive to a person who has a history of addiction. Due to its highly seductive property, it is banned in multiple countries.

You can find the tianeptine in Asia, Europe and in some parts of South America. Tests and trials prove that tianeptine can reduce the severity of depression and reduce anxiety. Thanks to its anti-serotonin properties, it can be used to treat asthma and IBS (irritable bowe犀利士
l syndrome). When a person has an asthma attack, the serotonin flows freely in the blood; this is the main reason for the asthma attack. Tianeptine can control it by increasing the platelets’ flow because of this property, and you can control the unregular movement, which is the main reason for the irritable bowel syndrome.

Now we know that tianeptine capsules are great for depression and anxiety attacks. It also controls the irregular bowel movements, and it can also control the anxiety attacks. Let’s discuss what measures you should take before having the drug: –

  • Taken by IV: – Tianeptine is likely unsafe to take by IV, but there is no conclusive answer for this. While tianeptine is available by prescription in many countries, it has a risk of misuse and abuse. Taking high doses of tianeptine can cause drowsiness, confusion, difficulty in breathing. IV is a method of taking any drug or medicine through veins. So, if you are prescribed tianeptine, take it through the mouth.
  • Things to Avoid: – The main thing you should avoid is drinking alcohol. As tianeptine has an outstanding amount of seductive properties, if you take alcohol with it, you can be profoundly tired and confused.
  • Other Medicine: – This drug is powerful and can cause you a severe amount of dizziness, so you should take the advice of any health professional or a doctor before taking medicine with it. Any supplement or any other herbal remedy should not be taken of you didn’t consult your doctor. These capsules are very strong; if these are not taken with perfect dosage, they can lead to overdose and abuse.
  • Storage of Drug: – Storage of medicine plays an essential role as different storage conditions can lead to varying reactions through drugs. Tianeptine should be placed in a dry and cool place, away from direct sunlight. Not to mention the obvious this medicine should be away from children. Dispose of medicine is also important to throw it safely pack this medicine in a trash bag seal it tightly, and then you can throw in a dustbin.
  • Dosage: – Another measure that is very obvious is that you should have medicine according to the doctors’ dosage given to you. Overdosage is very dangerous as these medicines are very addictive; if this drug is consumed more than the prescribed patient will be addicted to tianeptine.

Now that we know tianeptine capsules are great for disorders and diseases, but these medicines can be hazardous. So take this medicine considering every measure stated above.