July 15, 2024

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Various types of hybrid weed you should know 

Types of weed in general

Weed is the flowering top, leaves, and stem of Cannabis plants like Marijuana and Hemp. Mostly, Marijuana products will find uses in sedative processes like mood alterations. Hemp plants will be helpful in the production of medical products. The constituents and the type of Cannabis plants decide the types and uses of weed. Generally, there are three types of weed. If the weed has an origin of colder and mountainous regions of Afghanistan, they are known as Indica Cannabis. They will be smaller in size and will contain high amounts of THC that is responsible for getting that high feel during intake. In contrast, South Africa and Mexica originate from another type of weed that contains medical benefits like cerebral high for motivation and energy. This type of weed is known as Cannabis Sativa. Apart from these two, there are several different strains of Cannabis out there that will have all or some of the benefits of both the other types combined. These are the hybrid types of weed. You can buy weed online from any of the licensed providers at an affordable price. It is advisable to know your needs and the type suitable for you before going for it. In this article, let us see some of the types of hybrid weed in brief. 

Some types of Hybrid strains of weed

Based on the origin, the type of Cannabis plant, the constituents, and many more, Cannabis products are classified into many hybrid strains. You can use a specific type of weed for a particular purpose. Some of these hybrid weeds are as below.

Gorilla Glue – People who are depressed or having issues like insomnia and migraines will choose to go for Gorilla Glue. You will get a sedative high during the intake because of high THC content, and the weed is popular because of its power. It is a mixture of Chem’s Sister and Chocolate Diesel. The smell will replicate that of coffee and mocha. However, there will be a sour punch in your tongue for long hours after intake. 

Chemdawg – People will go for it for body and mind relaxation, along with the cottonmouth effect. It has a diesel fuel-like smell. When cured, a sour-tasting smoke will generate from it. You will get high with no time. It will provide you sharpness on your surroundings and hyper-awareness. Apart from the initial high, your cerebrum will get some stimulation later, and you can focus more on things. 

Blue dream – Since the origin of this weed is unknown, it has got the name as a dream. This type of weed is predominantly Sativa. Your cerebral high will be effective enough to provide you focus and high energy. People with depression, anxiety, and loss of appetite will go for a blue dream. Users claim that their creativity increases with the use of this weed due to cerebral activation. It will have a pleasant odor and taste of blueberry with sugar that will last longer.