December 2, 2023

Measured By The Heart

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Create a Beautiful Peaceful Home

In today’s fast paced and chaotic world, you can create a home that will provide a feeling of peace and comfort as well a beauty for your family. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money if you use your creativity.

Organize and Declutter:

No matter the size of your home be grateful for that space that you call yours! Look around.

Take it one room at a time and get a notebook to keep track of what you need for that room to make it function better and look better.
Is there too much in the room? Is it time to de clutter?
Take out everything that doesn’t need to be in the room.
Try arranging it differently to make the room look more open.
You know what they say it is more blessed to give, and when you donate items that you don’t want or don’t need, it always comes back to you in a good way! Or make a little extra cash with a garage sale.
Teach your children to put their things away and to respect your home. They too should realize how blessed they are to have a home to live in.
Organize the room. Do you need shelves, or baskets, or hooks on the wall to hang coats, backpacks, put shoes, etc… write it down in your notebook.
Having a clean room can adds peace to your surroundings and if you watch, your family will act different in a clean room.