July 15, 2024

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How Cannabis Growing Will Change in a Post-COVID World – The Rise of Seedy

Coronavirus Crisis Shows Marijuana Is 'Essential' And Mainstream

The debate about mental health and how marijuana can help sufferers has been raging in this post-pandemic world. As the trend of marijuana use grows stronger with increasing leniency on marijuana laws, there needs to be a discussion about growing your weed. Growing your marijuana has both medical and recreational benefits. Imagine growing your plant to receive positive medical benefits for years! The ‘teach a man to fish’ analogy suits perfectly in this instance, and companies such as Seedy are empowering more and more independent cannabis growers.

A New Community

Although there are several cannabis communities across the country (both on and offline), most of them are scattered. Seedy’s new app addresses this lack of unity by bringing together these communities and creating a dedicated user-base full of aspiring growers. Seedy will not only help usher a new marketplace full of aspiring growers, but it will also make it easier to access correct information. Since anyone can register to sell new or used equipment, there are numerous flexible options. Plus, all sellers can be rated by the community, so don’t expect any cheaters or scammers to thrive on Seedy! Making cannabis growing safe, cheap, and easy is the goal of Seedy as they look to help millions of smokers suffering from anxiety caused by the community.

The Need for De-Segmentation

Although it’s the social-distancing era, the need for de-segmentation in the marijuana community has never been severer. Rising prices and the need to socially distance ourselves has highlighted the importance of being independent growers. Seedy is at the forefront of the DIY growing culture. On this platform, veteran growers can link up with amateurs to share information on strains, yields, etc. The post-COVID marijuana community needs and deserves access to the best growing equipment and information at cost-effective rates. Seedy provides just that!