December 1, 2023

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Know More About Oxygen Therapy Equipments

Oxygen therapy is a leading treatment option for patients that want to rejuvenate their health or require it for a specific ailment. While tissue oxidation is the end-goal of any adequate oxygen therapy protocol, it’s important to focus on the method of delivery as well. 

Medical buyers and practitioners can employ different types of oxygen delivery devices depending on the treatment requirements. They can procure the right oxygen therapy equipment online as easily as buying a digital thermometer. Many premier suppliers list their entire inventory online to empower medical professionals. 

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It’s ideal to consult with your medical practitioner about the type of medical equipment required, to make the best choice for your treatment protocol. Hypoxemia will require a different oxygen intake device, when compared to general oxygen rejuvenation therapy. Additionally, there may be challenges with the comfort level of the patient wearing the equipment as well. 

Oxygen therapy equipment or delivery systems can be found in two types of categories. There are certain oxygen devices that are low-flow, and others that are high-flow focused. Depending on the treatment type, and the airflow requirements, either equipment can be leveraged. What’s critical is to supply the right amount of oxygen at the right time, in order to get the best results from the treatment. 

There is a wide range of equipment in the medical marketplace that are designed to optimize oxygen flow and delivery. The devices come in a variety of forms, as they’re administered across multiple states and for different treatments. 

Venturi Mask 

Venturi masks are a high-flow system of oxygen delivery and can be worn by patients that require immediate oxygenation. The delivery system consists of a corrugated tubing, an air nebulizer system, and an easy to wear mask for optimal delivery. 

The mask is one of the more common forms of high-flow delivery systems and is used across the board for the treatment of a variety of conditions. Medical professionals can procure a high-quality venturi mask online, from premier sites such as Smart Medical Buyer. 

The venturi mask can provide a high volume of oxygen flow at about 4-12 L per min, which should fulfil the requirements for the oxygen treatment to take place successfully. The mechanism is also designed to not dry the mucous membranes present within the respiratory system. 

Face tent

A face tent can be worn for low-flow air delivery protocols, as it’s a more comfortable oxygen delivery mechanism. It doesn’t create any unnecessary seals around the nose and provides an adequate amount of oxygen to the patient wearing it. Face tents can be used for controlling the concentration of oxygen as well, giving you much needed relief. 

A major point to note in the case of face tents is that they can only be worn for low-flow delivery protocols. It’s difficult to reach higher levels of concentration when working with face tents. However, they’re highly effective in the case where patients may have facial injuries that prevent them from using alternative delivery methods. 

Face tents can also be the right oxygen delivery method when the patient has facial burns preventing them from using alternative devices. Face tents also deliver humidified oxygen so that the patient is comfortable while breathing during longer periods of time. 

Nasal Cannula

Nasal Cannula is a common form of oxygen delivery and allows the patient to be somewhat mobile. Patients can easily talk and eat, while wearing a nasal cannula and walk around to a certain extent. It can provide upwards of 25-40% of O2 concentration, while delivering about 2-6 L per min upon wearing. 

In the event that the patient has developed polyps or has nasal congestion, it may be difficult to administer a nasal cannula. In this situation, an alternative form of oxygen delivery may be the best approach. There are also chances that the patient may be a natural mouth breather, in which case an alternative form of oxygen delivery may be required as well. 

Key points to note

Regardless of the oxygen device procured, it’s important to do so from a high-quality manufacturer or supplier. This will ensure that there is a higher standard of quality control at the manufacturer’s site. Additionally, companies that are leaders in the space of medical equipment should be the right choice to opt for. 

Practitioners should be careful when dealing with high-pressure and high-flow oxygen equipment. These devices need to be set up by a respiratory specialist, and the patient needs to be under constant supervision. Patients with asthma, and nebulizer treatments, should be advised about any side-effects that they need to watch out for. 

The pressure of the oxygen therapy equipment should be set accordingly. It’s important to allow for the optimal delivery of oxygen to the tissues, which is why the patient must be comfortable with the device they’re wearing.