July 15, 2024

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Most Common Electric Golf Cart Problems And How To Fix Them – Did I Make The Right Choice?

Everyone wants to be environment conscious these days. Avid golfers have started to invest in electric carts that save fuel costs and usually are more efficient than the ones which run on gas. A simple maintenance routine and keeping the battery charged makes owning an electric cart a cakewalk. But like any other electrical machine there are possibilities of a rundown with electric carts

Here are a few common problems you will face sometime during your quest with an electric golf cart – 

Ignition Issues

Cart doesn’t start? Check loose wires. If the connection between the switch and the battery has come lose you are bound to face this challenge. Consider a replacement over time owing to wear and tear. 

Solenoid Breakdown

Solenoid is responsible for carrying an electric current. The clicking sound you hear when gathering acceleration is actually a good thing, but if you stop hearing it then something has gone wrong. Solenoid is a cylindrical coil of wire; check if it’s broken or has corrosion. 

Spit and Sputter

Four possible reasons why this is happening – 

  • dirty filters in fuel system 
  • worn out spark plugs
  • unclean mass airflow sensor 
  • water getting mixed into the gas
  • messed up catalytic converter

Gas Spitting 

Is your cart’s valve cover spitting out gas? This generally happens when the needle valve in the carburetor of your cart not working properly. Here is what you can do – replace the needle or the whole carburetor. 

Jerky Golf Cart

A misaligned inductive throttle sensor or a dirty clutch results into a jerky electric golf cart. Water logging, poor tires or misaligned rear end also causes the jerks on occasions. 

Golf Cart Blowing Out Smoke 

Smoke is an indication that the engine is running hotter than normal. A little smoke when you turn on the cart is not a sign of danger. But if you see smoke or steam bellowing then there’s a problem with your cart’s cooling system.

Fuss not if you face any of these problems. You made the right choice in getting yourself an electric cart. But, here comes the big disclaimer! Under no circumstances should you choose to fix your golf cart on your own; unless you have the expertise ofcourse. Getting a professional to service your electric golf cart is the ideal course to take as the will diagnose the problem, find right solutions, use appropriate tools to fix and disengage the existing issues and prevent any further issues from resurfacing. Golf Trolleys UK is one such leading repair and service station that offers a range of electric buggy, scooter and trolley repairs to customers in Oswestry and across Shropshire. You have to find someone who is an authorized agent and specializes in repairs with quality work. 

A healthy buggy means a happy time on the golf course!